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Dinner at Ippudo!

Last Thursday March 2, Kyx and I had a date night. We ate at Ippudo as usual then went to watch Logan.

At the beginning of the movie, I found myself so lost and confused. Like what the heck is happening? Why is Professor X like that? Oh and the guy in Pablo Escobar who played the agent! A lot of random thoughts but eventually I picked up the pace and enjoyed the entire movie.

It was a bunch of mixed emotions. I was happy then I was sad, then I got sadder and I cried. I don’t want to give a lot of spoilers, it’s just that the movie was so great!!!

How many times did I judge a film so quickly and ended up loving it eventually? It speaks of high volumes as how judgmental we can be sometimes. Why do we always wait for something or someone to prove us wrong instead of giving the benefit of the doubt? Or did we always end up disappointed because we gave way too many benefit of the doubts only for us to be disappointed in the end? So many things run through my head, so many things I argue about with myself. I guess it’s really true that everyday, is a freaking learning experience and on watching Logan, I learned to not be so judgmental.




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