Watercolor Chronicles: Bittersweet

Seeing the sunset is one of the greatest things life has to offer. How glorious it is to witness nature unfold in front of you? I dare say I love looking at sunsets, I love the sky in general. It gives me a lot of electric emotions. It gives me so much more that sometimes, I forget how to handle my own heart.

Sunsets are great but it symbolizes a lot of things. Both happy and sad. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes tragic.

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Bittersweet (2017)

I’ll share with you the poem I created after painting the (melt-y) sunset. I pictured it differently but somehow, I liked how it turned out.

“It’s when the world seems to be melting right before your eyes. When the sun is setting yet you don’t want goodbyes. When you are forced to close the chapter but you know it’s still not going to be better. When it’s the end but you are not ready, not yet, it can’t be over” (Althea CCC 2017)


I picture something I want to paint inside my head. I don’t look at references most of the time and then I end up not being able to deliver or execute how I pictured it in my head so that’s why it turned out to be melty. Sometimes, I’d look at references and deliver okay looking paintings but I feel empty. Now, I picture my own image and it turned out differently. I don’t know why I am telling you this though HAHAHA.


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