Weekend Update (March 3 to March 6)

This is supposed to be my vacation leave as I am going to spend a full weekend with my friends as we visit Sagada province. However, I got entangled with going back and forth to the Hospital while Kyx did work. So this supposedly happy weekend turned into a weekend filled with errands. Just talking about it makes me feel sad lol.

March 3, Friday. I woke up early and headed to the hospital for my doctor’s appointment. I was told that the previous results were quite alarming but it’s best to have another blood work done just so we’re sure. Here, we are addressing my possible diabetes and high cholesterol levels at the age of 25 so I am very worried. Went home and did fasting.

March 4, Saturday still on leave, I went to the hospital for my blood work. I fasted for about 10hours, and after that I was told to drink that glucose orange juice in 5mins and they will get another blood sample from me after 2 hours. I did so and waited for 2 hours while reading. At around 12 in the afternoon, Kyx was done printing his sample work and I was done with my blood work. He picked me up so that we could eat lunch and have a meeting with his (now) employers (who were just initiating an interview that time). At around 4pm, the meeting was over and Kyx dropped me off at Rockwell Business Centre where I have a date with 2 of my college friends, Bea and Abi.

We ate at Kimono Ken while talking about random stuff and being adults. Around 12 midnight, I grew so tired so I went home.

I was super happy about Kyx getting the job he always wanted and I couldn’t be any happier!!!!

March 5, Sunday, the only rest day I got out of the 4 days I should be spending on holidays. Gahhh. So bad. So I think I just read and binge watched This Is Us? I love the show!

March 6, Monday, I went to the hospital to have my results interpreted. Hooray my blood sugar levels went back to normal! Yayayayay! Around noon, went to mom’s house and had lunch, talked about a bunch of stuff and went home around 6 in the evening.

I guess I wasn’t planning to have spent my vacation on hospital appointments but I guess it’s good that I was able to rule out everything I was so worried about.


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