Life Is Good

How many times did I disregard the greatness of life because I was feeling stressed out about a lot of other things? How many times did I miss out on the joys of life because I was too focused on the sad parts of it? I just don’t understand myself sometimes. Everytime I get back from my depressive tendencies, a rush of emotion pours and I get to realize a lot of good things and why I should focus on the bright side more often than ever, right? Well I don’t know what’s up, maybe what I al always doing is human nature and I just don’t realize very often how good life is! I’ll be writing a weekend update, I planned on doing a weekend update, I even wrote one already from last last week and it just wasn’t published because Idk, maybe I was stupid or I did something wrong when I was trying to schedule a post? But I will still publish it anyway just for the heck of it. Now I have to write what week it was so you don’t get confused.

Or will I just do a week update? Omg I am so confused right now.

Why am I writing for a living but sucks at writing when I want to write just what I feel? Ironic.

Okay so I’m ending this post right now and I will be writing my week update covering March 5-11.


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