I Wish You Never Come Back

Who was there for you when you needed someone? Who was there for you when you were crying out for help? Who was there for you indefinitely whether you needed someone or not?

Now, why do you keep on doing that? Coming to the people when you need back up or rescue but never being there for them just when you feel okay?

Well now I wish you never get lonely and sad again so you wouldn’t have to go back to looking for the friends you left when you finally reached your “happiness”.

I wish you have all the pieces of your puzzle back to yourself so you wouldn’t have to look for it from other people.

I wish you feel complete so you wouldn’t trouble other people to “complete” you.

I wish you never come back because then you would have another reason, another chance and another opportunity to leave.

Not everyone will stay with you, not with that attitude, not with treating every other human being like trash. Everyone you “love” will actually realize how much of a scumbag you are as a person and aren’t you scared? The only people who still like you are the ones who weren’t there in all the moments of your life. They are the ones who don’t see the real you.

Amidst all these, I still wish you good luck.

Good riddance. Goodbye.


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Thea, 26, INFJ (Turbulent) Always interested in other people's opinion on matters, ideas and random thoughts. I mostly keep to myself but I found that writing in this blog is easier than bottling my feelings up. Reading, writing, tea, coffee and wine are my favorite things. You can catch me mostly on twitter and instagram: @xoxthea make sure to say hello! :")

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