Of Being Inspired and Faithful


My mother would often tell us that most of the time, the Lord gives us the solution and answer even before a problem arises. I somehow feel baffled and unsure whether it is actually true or my mom is just being herself. (She’s not like the over religious kind but her faith is really very strong)

My personal experience with this one is yesterday. I believe I’ve had experiences about it but I don’t think I was conscious enough to notice it anyway. So, I got my results for my “2nd opinion” or re-evaluation when it comes to my blood sugar levels. I was so nervous and anxious, overthinking even with regards to how the results would turn out, how I’d go about once the results reflected bad things and a possible Type 2 Diabetes which in no way I know how I’d accept and face it. So I kept praying hard, telling God how I hope that the results would be better and that I do not have Diabetes or other problems with my health.

Thankfully, my blood sugar is NORMAL! Freaking NORMAL and I can’t even begin to explain how it turned out that way when about a week ago, my results were above normal and borderline DIABETIC!!

I don’t really want this to sound so dramatic but I was seriously in awe about how God is faithful with his promises. How I shouldn’t have worried in the first place because he has his own plans and that I should just put my faith in him whenever I am confused, lost and uncertain.

As I was praying, telling God how grateful I am, I was hit by a realization of all my recent blessings and I didn’t even thank God enough!

I have a very wonderful family. Not perfect but just right for me. Kyx had been accepted as an artist and digital illustrator at a prestigious company! He is blessed to be finally doing what he wants to do and having this amazing opportunity to work with great artists. Now, I feel blessed that Kyx is blessed like that.

I am just inspired and though I sound annoying right now, forgive me but I really am just happy!


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