Weekend Update! February 24-26

What do you say I make a weekend update and actually make it a regular post? Woo!

I am so excited to write about this for a while now and I told myself I’ll squeeze the weekend update on a Monday morning before I bury myself with pending work that I have yet to focus on. Let’s begin!

Friday February 24, 2017

It’s one of the very few “Thank God It’s Friday” days because it’s a Filipino Holiday the following day (Feb 25) which means I don’t have to go to work on that particular Saturday! Woop! So work was quite chill. I figured if I don’t stress myself that much it will always be chill instead of me almost ugly crying every now and then. LOL. So like I said, it was a chill day and I was ecstatic to end the day already. Because Kyx said we’d go have dinner together which is rare on Friday nights! He picked me up from work before 7pm and we went to SM Aura (it’s a Mall near my office) and decided to eat there. I was looking forward to trying the Poke Poke Manila because I was trying to really really eat healthy after finding out the results of my blood chem (omg I have not told you guys yet about it have I? wait. I’ll write about it now) REWIND TO THURSDAY! I went to get my Blood Chem/ Blood Work results and even though I am clueless as to how I should read it, it wasn’t that hard to know that my results are not good enough especially it has the “normal range” side VS my own test results side. All of the other aspects of my blood chem is normal except for BLOOD SUGAR and CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. I weigh really heavy for my height, Idk why, aside from a very strict diet, I follow a workout routine and yet I still find it hard to lose all the weight. The doctor said it was genetics and constantly following my strict diet and workout would actually pay off as long as I do it DAILY. I’m, guilty of skipping workout days especially if I feel too tired or exhausted from work. Anyway, now I have to look after my weight, blood sugar level and cholesterol level for a month! I have several supplements and tea and another strict dinner plan to observe and fingers crossed, I get by and have good results by the end of March. OKAYYY SOOO GOING BACK TO FRIDAY. Since I need to really really really really eat healthy now, I decided to try the Poke Poke Manila. They have different Poke Bowls and I’ll show you in a picture below how it looks like. There are many poke bowls to choose from and I chose the “dragon” one. It consists of quinoa, salmon, tuna, unagi, mango, cucumber, mangonnaise. Sriracha. I also partnered it with a cold pressed fresh juice made up of apple, lemon, beets and ginger. I wasn;t able to finish the Poke Bowl because the serving is really big so I had to ask them if I can have it on a to-go bag which they willingly did so for me. The Poke Bowl and Juice was very expensive for my own liking but I can’t complain, quality is really good. What bugs me is why are healthy food so expensive and the unhealthy ones so cheap we end up being very unhealthy in the long run? Oh well. I just hope someday the world turns and then healthy food would be affordable! I enjoyed our dinner. Oh, Kyx had Frankies, he ate chicken wings and rice and more chicken wings and coca cola yet he remains on 40kg. (Talk about lean and very very lean LOL) After dinner, we bought a gift for our godchild and went home to watch movies!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Woke up about 10-ish, did a workout, took a bath and ate brunch with Kyx. I also got to catch up a bit on How To Get Away with Murder but I’m not quite done yet. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, Kyx and I got ready for the children’s party of our godchild Alex. It was an intimate party, food was soooo good and it was also entertaining. Got to spend time with mi amigas and it was such a fun day. Kyx and I went home around 7pm-ish, the party was not quite done yet but Kyx was growing tired cause he didn’t have a decent sleep for the past days and so off we went home. We watched a movie too and I fell asleep LOL.

Here are photos from the party

Sunday February 26, 2017

FAMILY DAY! My mom, sisters, eldest brother and I went to visit our uncle and aunt and their family for a nice time. Actually, we are visiting our uncle who is just recovering from an Open Heart Surgery. Everything with the operation went smoothly and we are all glad that he is recovering very very well! Hopefully, he stays super super healthy now! We ate a lot and bonded a lot. Mostly talk and laugh about stuff. I didn’t have a bad time (which I usually get when spending too much time outside my own world) this time, I was actually glad we went out and bonded! Though very simple and intimate, I found serenity and it’s just very stress-free to be with your Family. I want to show you a photo but it’s on my brother’s phone -_-

I was actually thinking that this is one of the most tiring weekends I have ever experienced but I am very happy to have spent my time with people close to my heart.

How about you guys? How was your weekend?


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