I have made 2 blog posts yesterday but apparently, I forgot to publish them and now, it seems pointless to do so.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results for my Blood Chemistry Test and was able to discuss it with my Endocrinologist.

Good news- I don’t have a thyroid problem!!! My liver and kidney functions are normal and I CAN’T BE ANY HAPPIER!

Bad news- I have a high blood sugar and high cholesterol level. OH MA LAWD.

My doctor prescribed medicines, supplements and milk. I am not allowed to have dinner anymore for a month. My dinner would be 1 glass of Glucerna milk and 1 glass of water. I have no problem with that, most of the time I don’t eat a lot of dinner anyway.

I’m a bit worried but I feel like if I followed this strict diet, my blood sugar level would go back to normal and so is my cholesterol level. I hate how I’m having problems like this already! Lol.

What else could I update you guys with? Hmm.


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