The Oneiric Time Piece by Marc Aran Reyes

How I see these art works are far beyond words. I can’t even find the words that put justice on Marc’s art works. You see, Marc Aran Reyes—the artist behind The Oneiric Time Piece (and lots more) has the minimalist style. All black and white and grey. You’d think this is simple and easy but the striking thing about his artworks are how detailed they all are. There’s a certain magnificence in it that even non art lovers could be captivated by this.

I mean you don’t need to be someone who loves art on a daily basis to be able to appreciate his works because his art works captivate the whole world (at least in my opinion)

The description about the “The Oneiric Time Piece” is also included in this post as a photo so you can read on about it. But here’s my interpretation:

The Oneiric Time Piece depicts a dream-like state unravelling the past, present and future. It’s like a parallel universe, slightly and ever so different from reality with eerie feelings of de javu, of knowing something but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The Arduous Past depicts the tough times, the difficulty upon reaching something, someone.

The Wistful Present shows the sadness and loneliness symbolized by solitude but somehow hoping for a better future.

The Audacious Future showcases how the past and present affected the situation in the future. That being strained and lonely in both the past and present results to a boldness and fearlessness. A sort of surrender in a fierce manner.

These three amazing artworks may not be easily interpreted or may not be interpreted as to how the artist himself would but it gives you something that you can look at and interpret in your own manner. I like artworks like this. Beautifully created, unique and captivating. Relatable but different.

Marc Aran Reyes is an artist everyone should watch out for. His artworks will captivate you both heart and soul. His creation wouldn’t just be aesthetically satisfying and beautiful, but it will pound your brains and hearts—making you want to have more of it if possible. I guess being an enthusiast, I could say that his artworks capture my emotional side, the little heart in my head that speaks with a tiny voice almost unheard often times.

Everything Marc creates give me a slight electric shock. So satisfyingly good.

Also if I may add, my goodness his pieces are all very detailed you won’t even think it’s a freaking painting! Mind you, his works are oil on canvas!! It looks like a freaking photograph I can’t even. Ahhhhh Marc is soooooo friggin good!!!! Oh well. Marc is our friend and no I am not biased. 😀


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