What’s Up Skin?

It has been almost 2 months since I encountered bad acne yet again. This is the worst I’ve ever had. I never had a pimple growing up and now, I’m nearly 26 years old yet I need to battle with acne. I think this has something to do with my hormones.

It was my last month of the 6 months stretch for hormonal pills and I think this is withdrawal symptoms ? Not entirely sure though.

Also, I have been stressed a lot the past few weeks which may have made my bad skin condition even worse!

I was counting the spots of tiny pimples last week and I got so sad about it. I hate how it had to be on my cheeks so I got myself a few products that may help make my skin better.

  1. Etude House Wonder Pore Facial Wash – My best friend, Pam told me that Etude’s Wonder Pore facial wash is great, it may be a bit expensive for a facial wash but she says it makes her skin feel and look nice. I got myself one tube of it and tried it immediately, it has 10 benefit claims and says it deeply cleanses the pores and whatnot. It also has a cooling effect which is a bonus (cause I love that cool sensation lol) I have been using it for a good 2 weeks now. My acne has not worsen, it kind of flatten but it’s still there. Although I think the facial wash does its job by cleaning my face really well so that’s about it. I’ll wait for a few more weeks and we’ll go from there.
  2. Galderma Benzac 5% – I was meaning to buy the 10% one but they only had it in big tubes. I feel like the big one is too expensive here in MNL wherein it could be half the price if I have it bought in UAE so I just bought the small tube here and I will ask my brother to buy 1 big tube for me while he’s in Dubai. Now, I’ve been using this product for 4 days and so far, so good! It flattened most of my pimples and I love that it’s water-based so I don’t get a sticky feeling when I put it on my face.
  3. L’Oreal Micellar Water – It was given to me by Kyx together with an Infalliable Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation. I love how it cleanses and moisturizes my face! But really, why is my face always so dirty??? I mean a while ago when I woke up, I took a bath, washed my face with the Wonder Pore then used the Micellar Water and I still have dirt on my face? To think I have washed my face and cleansed it the same way last night! Anyway, yes it does clean my face so good and so far, I love it!

Now, I’m testing these 3 products and hopefully my skin will go back to its normal phase minus all the acne problems!


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Thea, 26, INFJ (Turbulent) Always interested in other people's opinion on matters, ideas and random thoughts. I mostly keep to myself but I found that writing in this blog is easier than bottling my feelings up. Reading, writing, tea, coffee and wine are my favorite things. You can catch me mostly on twitter and instagram: @xoxthea make sure to say hello! :")

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