Recent Ramblings

When was the last time I wrote in here? About a day ago I guess? Anyway, I’ll do a quick update about what happened recently.

Wednesday night, my tummy is aching already. I feel like it’s another scenarios of acid reflux and hyperacidity not to mention how my head is pounding. That night, I also had a little anxiety attack but it wasn’t that crazy. I just kind of panicked a little and cried a little but I was very calm afterwards so it’s all good. When I got home, I slept it off.

Yesterday, I woke up with a tummy ache yet again! Acid reflux and I can’t seem to focus very well. I did my workout routine, took a bath and cried afterwards cause my tummy is aching so bad. I had to take a day off work because I can’t come to work with a severe tummy ache considering I had an anxiety attack the other night. I am afraid I’d have another one if I went to work so I stayed home, watched a movie and went to the doctors when I am calm enough.

I will have a blood chemistry next week, I have to fast for 10 hours and had my blood checked, afterwards, I have to go back to my Endocrinologist for him to explain the results. As I am writing this, I am having a little anxiety because I have built up a few scary scenarios about my health condition. You see, my doctor is ruling out Hypothyroidism hence the blood chemistry. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it isn’t going to be that much of a trouble for me! Hayayayay.

I think I lost a few pounds or did I gain? I can’t even remember anymore. But I weighed myself yesterday at the doctor’s office so I have to remember that one and then I’ll go from there. Hopefully, I’d lose more weight next month! Let’s just clear it out that I am not doing this for vanity’s sake but for my health. You’re welcome.

So how was your week so far? It’s Friday and I’ve got one more work til my one and only day off. Lol.


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