I decided to be happy for myself without the confirmation of other people.

It might sound shallow but I really feel like for the past months, I was happy because other people are happy, happy for me, happy about my existence. I got into a lot of overthinking fits which weren’t good for my health (I suppose) and I finally realized (which I will def forget anytime soon or a month from now) that happiness should not be based upon the confirmation of people around you. I know that we need to make sure we’re happy about our lives, what we do etcetera etcetera but more often than not, we look for a certain confirmation. We look for people liking us and then if we aren’t liked as what we wanted, we feel like there’s something wrong with us (is it just me? Or is this actually happening to you guys as well?)

But whatever, you get it right? Like, we want everyone else to like us and if someone doesn’t approve of us, we feel bad for ourselves when in fact there are a lot of other people who appreciate us and like us just the way we are, for merely existing—we are liked by them so why do we even bother waiting for everyone else’s confirmation?

I realized that I am happier if I wasn’t seeking confirmation from other people. Maybe I should get it nailed inside my brains so I don’t get affected when people don’t like me. Lol.

I decided to be happy for myself without the confirmation of other people.


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