What The Fuss Was All About

I know I know, I have written just recently that Kyx and I never gave a flying F about Valentine’s Day. You see, Kyx and I have been 2 suckers for surprises. Not that we are materialistic or super romantic but I guess we love seeing each other squeal in sheer joy, personally I love it when I pull a successful surprise and Kyx would end up teary eyed and super happy! I love it like that and maybe he does too cause he always surprises me when he gets a chance. So maybe, that’s why we don’t see anything special on Valentine’s Day.

I think 2 Valentine’s Day have passed already and I can’t remember what we did on those 2 events. See? It wasn’t even remarkable. I got so accustomed to not giving a fuck about it that I didn’t get Kyx anything for Valentine’s Day!

On the 13th, as we were driving home, I asked Kyx what he would give me on VDay and I was expecting him to look surprised, I was only teasing because I know we wouldn’t be celebrating it anyway but he told me he has formulated an idea. Judging by that answer, I knew we would be having a different kind of VDay this year which left me excited and anxious at the same time. I didn’t plan anything, I didn’t get him anything, I didn’t even write him a letter!

The 14th came and I feel like it’s just an ordinary day. Then the management announced that our working schedule will be cut shorter. Fast forward to our date!

Kyx and I ate at our favourite restaurant. It’s called Ippudo Ramen. We love the people there who serve us and love their food as well! We went shopping and then Kyx gave me his Valentine’s Day Gift. It was a Micellar water I have been eyeing on for a while now he also got me an acne prone skin liquid foundation huhuhu and that’s not all, he also gave me a handwritten letter which melted my heart and got me choked up for a good 5 minutes! LOL.

After reading his heartfelt letter, I knew what the fuss was all about. I can’t explain it. I mean it should feel like any other day but I don’t know, I felt different yesterday. Maybe because it was our first VDay celebration?

Well, I want to elaborate more but I feel like I’m writing annoying stuff and that I should shut up already. Nonetheless, I really loved how my day turned out yesterday. How about you guys?


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