Truths About Valentine’s Day

I personally do not know why people make a big fuss out of it. I don’t know if it’s just here in the Philippines or all over the world but here, Valentine’s Day is such a big deal. Common notion is that single people get to sulk while couples go out and have fun.

(Disclaimer: this is from my view point only and experience which may vary from other people)

I mean I don’t know what’s “normal” because let’s just put it this way. Kyx and I are both sweet people. We kind of love being romantic thus we always show our love and affection every single day. We pull off random surprises for each other every once in a while, with or without occasion. So Valentine’s Day do not mean so much to us because it’s just the same with all the days soooooo…  You know what I’m saying right?

I did a little research as to why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and almost all the writings went back to the Romans period wherein Claudius ordered that single men are better than married ones with families because they will be more focused to fight and that it wouldn’t be a big deal if they die. Valentine (a priest I think) realized that it is an injustice and men should be free to marry the one they love while serving so he did secret ceremonies of marriage and it wasn’t long until Claudius found out about this whole deal so he ordered that Valentine be put to death. So he is now considered a martyr/saint because of what he did. I found it sad and romantic and tragic. Awwww.

So now, that’s why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a symbolism of romance, love and passion. It’s something worth celebrating if I must say though.

However, going back to my original agenda. I want to write how me—as a person in a relationship look at Valentine’s Day and how we celebrate it. Also know that this is not to spite the ones romanticizing over the said event but this written work is just to inform.

As we all have seen over social media, people in a relationship loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day; giving gifts and all while the single people get to lament over their singlehood. NOT TRUE.

Many Valentine’s Day have gone and pass but never had I experienced something so memorable that I will look forward to it. I mean I don’t even look forward to my own birthday, so why does it have to be so special anyway? Also, it is our 3rd Valentine’s Day as a couple but we never really celebrate it like other couples do! We do our thing, just watch a movie at home or play games or spend time painting or reading. I mean whatever goes! In short, we don’t bother celebrating it like other couples do and I’m sure a lot of other couples do not make a big fuss out of it too lol.

Another look is about how single people see Valentine’s Day as an event. I mean aside from the hassle of many people going out and about, I don’t think single people get sad over seeing happy couples around. Most of my single friends, go out with friends as well and celebrate their own happiness. It’s not like this day is made only for lovers.


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