Too Much Tea

Too much of a tea addict? Yes.

I figured it’s equally hard to have lots of tea as having lots of books. Too many choices for someone so indecisive. Sometimes I can’t help but hate myself for these petty things I moan about lol.

Happy weekend! I shall write tomorrow.


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Thea, 26, INFJ (Turbulent) Always interested in other people's opinion on matters, ideas and random thoughts. I mostly keep to myself but I found that writing in this blog is easier than bottling my feelings up. Reading, writing, tea, coffee and wine are my favorite things. You can catch me mostly on twitter and instagram: @xoxthea make sure to say hello! :")

4 thoughts on “Too Much Tea”

    1. It’s soooo hard to choose a favorite. I love them all!!! Although for most days I really love the lemon and green tea but can you see the little red box on top, I love that Spiced Red Fruits Flavor. ❤


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