Your Beauty Doesn’t Shield You From Being Heartbroken

It Has Nothing To Do With Your Physical Attributes

One of the many arguments I have is that when people get their hearts broken, everyone around them would poke a pitchfork around blurting some nonsense about physical attributes. Many times I have heard these things and I still find it annoying and irritating.

“You’re beautiful, a lot of men would fall for you. You don’t need that guy”

“That guy is so ugly. You don’t have anything to lose.”

“That girl is not “all that”—you’d find someone prettier”

“Why did he break my heart? Am I ugly? Am I not pretty enough?”

Those are just a couple of things we hear (and might say ourselves) too often than not and I just don’t get it. I don’t get why it always had to come down to physical attributes when in fact it shouldn’t be like that. The physical attributes has nothing to do with the success and failure of a relationship. It has nothing to do with broken hearts and broken promises. It has nothing to do with being left behind and leaving someone behind. There are more in depth realities and we have to embrace it wholeheartedly. Like I said, the truth hurts but that’s not something we should always be afraid of. The truth is a slap that maybe, you deserve every once in a while right? The truth of the matter is that being beautiful will not mean you won’t get your heart broken, being hot and sexy doesn’t mean you will stay happy in a relationship. It basically HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW YOU LOOK LIKE, OKAY?

The thing is, in this life, we get what we deserve, we get what was written in our fate and we may change it, we may not. We get hurt, we end up happy, we reach success, we gain friends, we lose people, we have enemies, people don’t like us, people like us, we are loved, we are hated and that goes for everyone else. Everything will happen to you gradually or all at once but it happens because it is human nature. We have to battle every demon in our lives and that’s how it should be. So shut up already with the looks comments and remarks. It really has nothing to do with every fucking hurting thing that we will experience.


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