Daddy’s Harley

I’ve been experiencing this my whole life and now I feel like I realized yet again a wonderful thing. People are not just people, not someone we can lean on when we need someone—when we need a shoulder to cry one. We are not mere people existing for ourselves and for others, we exist with a purpose and it’s not just to be there, but to be someone more in depth, more connected to the soul. Many times we meet people and all of a sudden they get close to us and we get so attached to them not because they give us gifts, not because they give us what we want but because they exist in our lives as blessings.

Daddy Eddie is the dad of my brother’s wife. He lives in the States and has not came home for 8 years but just last week (was it last week or last last week?) he came home! Ate Erin (his daughter, the wife of my brother) was so ecstatic when she gave me the news that her dad will be home for a couple of weeks! She also told me that her dad hasn’t come home for a long time and now he will be here again, I was so happy for her! She would finally be with her dad again after soooo long plus Nathan, her son would have the opportunity to spend time with his grandfather again. I was genuinely happy for them, for everyone. I am a very family oriented person and I am so attached to everyone in our family, especially with my mom. For me, it is true that family comes first. It’s true that I will literally drop everything when it comes to my family and so that’s where I was coming from.

I didn’t meet Daddy Eddie the same day he arrived, I couldn’t remember if I was stuck at work or somewhere. Then I guess after a day or two, I went to our house and finally met Daddy. He was very cheerful and friendly. He greeted us immediately with warmth and that’s the beginning of a fun relationship with Daddy. It was followed with several drinking nights with the whole family just talking about stuff and that’s for me—a great thing. You know, having your kids around you, you guys drinking together and talking about random things, laughing about every single thing? It’s quite a wonderful blessing if you ask me.

But the days are really quick and time flies by when you are having fun. Tomorrow, Daddy leaves again for the States and I’m guessing it would take quite a bit again before he comes back home. So before he leaves, Kyx and I decided to give him a piece of our hearts through a watercolour painting.

Daddy enjoys his Harley when he has free time, he talked about it and told us stories, how fun it was and all that, which is why Kyx and I decided to paint a Harley motorbike.

This is the same model as Daddy’s Harley but we played with the colors to symbolize fun and adventure. I thin daddy’s motorbike is black or somewhere between dark hues so I feel like if we painted it the same way it might look dull ? So that’s why we sort of played with it lol.

This painting is accomplished using:

Winsor & Newton Cotman set (watercolour), Pebeo’s Gouache paints with Deovir sable brushes on Canson Montval 140lb cold pressed watercolour paper.

Sketch by: Kyxarie Peralta (check him out on )

Color by: Althea Cargado (Yours Truly) and Kyxarie Peralta

This painting symbolizes passion, love, adventure and fun.

Thank you daddy for imparting your knowledge and showering us with your love and thoughtfulness. We will surely miss you and we are looking forward til your next visit. We love you so much Daddy!


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