Life is a Game of Meant To Be’s and Not Meant To Be’s

“If meant to be, it will be.”

“If a door closes, another one may open”

In all honesty, life continues to prove to me that it’s all sorts of meant to be’s and not meant to be’s. What’s bound to happen will happen and what’s not intended to happen will not happen. Everything we do is made complicated by our heart and minds, when in fact it’s as easy as trying to understand that what’s for you will always be for you and what’s not for you will slip away no matter how tight you hold on to it.

A series of simple and extravagant events proved this to me.

Why is it always easy to welcome what we think is meant to be but very hard to let go once we figure it wasn’t for us?

It’s both sweet and tragic I must say.

You see, let’s start off with my recent realizations from simple things. Do you know the Vlogger Judy Travis? She’s a Filipina and we are insanely obsessed with her vlogs because of her cute daughters. We fell in love with their family the moment we saw a video of theirs. It’s amazing! After years of watching her videos, Judy and her family suddenly flew here in the Philippines! It was a family vacation and a launch of her new make-up line. It’s incredible! What made it even exciting is when she held a meet and greet. The ticket though were super expensive (I won’t be spending that much for a meet and greet though especially that I recently bought my new paint huhu) so I was just hoping to bump in them randomly. They’re always in BGC (my office is in BGC which means I can just easily bump in them) but I never did see them. It’s sad cause they’re so close yet so far? Then again I realized it’s possibly not meant to be. It’s not written yet in my story.

Same as when Kyx and I got together. All this time I thought we were never going to end up together only to wait for 7 years and end up being a (power) couple? How cool is that?

In a nutshell, things may or may not be meant to be (at the moment) and you just have to wait and see for yourself.

The only best thing I can give you out of this context is to accept both meant to be’s and not meant to be’s wholeheartedly. It could be hard but it’s the best we can do right?



One thought on “Life is a Game of Meant To Be’s and Not Meant To Be’s

  1. This is consoling. Sometimes I wonder why certain things, despite your wanting them SO BAD, just don’t happen. And others simply do. Attributing it to fate, that maybe something things are just meant–or not–to be, is comforting.

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