My No Bullshit Mouth

If there’s one thing I can call a sort of curse, a double edged sword, a good and bad thing about myself, it’s me having no time for speaking bullshit. No sugar coating, blatant and plain truth.

I am not good at sugar coating. AT ALL. I’ve never been good at sugar coating. Sugar coating and good positioning are two different things which may look alike. You see, when you sugar coat you make it look like something is not bad at all. You say things as if they were really okay while good positioning is saying the bad stuff in a very well-mannered way.

I can do good positioning maybe because I’ve worked as a client care specialist for two years but sugar coating? Nope. Never.

Most of the time, it puts me in a pretty bad situation but the odd thing that I don’t get is WHY DO I GET IN TROUBLE FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH? Why do people look at me differently when I tell them the truth? Why do people feel like I’m a bad person, I’m someone they wouldn’t get along with whenever I tell them the truth?

You see, there are circumstances that I either choose to not talk at all or tell the whole fucking truth. While most of the time, I blurt the truth because that’s the right thing to do.

I am often judged because I simply don’t bullshit. I am mistaken for having a bitchy attitude because of being someone who can speak the truth without fear.

If I have to say it over and over again, I will. The truth most of the time, hurts. The truth is sometimes hard to accept but in fact it should be easier to do with than deal with lies right? I just really don’t get it most of the time. I get in trouble for telling the truth and I keep asking what has become of the world? I am taught that I will get in a much deeper shithole if I lie so I grew up telling the truth even if it hurts, even if it means breaking my or someone’s heart.

Why do I get judged and sneered at for telling the truth? Idk. It’s either people like hearing lies most of the time or had to deal with so much bullshit that any other amount of bullshit will not hurt.

If I get asked “is this okay?” and I know it’s not okay, I tell them straight it’s not okay. What the fuck is wrong with that anyway?

You asked a question, I answered it with the truth, why do I get fucked up for telling the truth?


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