3 Things I Hate The Most

As much as possible, I try to keep everything I write filled with more positivity than negativity but also, thinking about how I want this blog to be personal, we can’t let some negative things go in the background cause a few bad things here and there makes up for whatever beautiful life you have right? So I’ve decided to write about these things which is out of pure emotion (and rage) bear with me if this goes so bad afterwards. Lol.

I’ve got 3 things. 3 things that make me insane, that brings out the beast (I was meaning to say ‘bitch’ but it sounds so wrong when I say it) in me. 3 things that if I notice you have, I will automatically retreat from you never to return again. If I sense you have at least one of these 3 things I hate the most, you’re out.

  1. Pathological Lying
  2. Attention Seeking
  3. Social Climbing

When it comes to pathological lying, it’s just hopeless. If you’re a pathological liar, I don’t think it would be easy to correct that. To give you a better view about pathological lying, it’s when someone lies habitually. Like responding to a question with a lie because for them, the truth seems awkward or uncomfortable no matter how simple the truth can be. The deed is so strange and annoying, it’s irritating and aggravating but what gets me the most is that when people lie to me, I feel like they think they’re smarter or better than me? Or probably, they think I’m stupid enough to actually believe it. I hate to say this because it sounds so vain and wrong in all sorts possible but the truth is, I am very analytical, I think about stuff A LOT. I don’t miss out on clues, cues and whatnot. Therefore, I’m smart and I can easily detect deception and lies so fucking why bother lying to my face? Ugh. It’s so fucking annoying. (Okay, that’s 2 curses in one sentence? I’m so bad)

With attention seeking, I am always lost and confused. Some people do desperate things just to get the attention they want. I mean it’s the 21st century, people are so busy having troubles of their own so who needs a god damn attention seeker? If people care about you, you don’t need to actually beg for attention. You probably have a hang-up in the past that you have not gotten over with which is why you are seeking for attention so much. The truth is most of the time, no one fucking cares when it comes to your petty and tinee tiny woes. Why not be mature enough?

Lastly, social climbing. This is deceitful and wrong in all levels. If you want to be something work hard to be that sort of person you’re dreaming instead of creating the illusion that you’ve become this and that already when in reality you’re still that same pathetic person.

Though there are exceptions, you know for a fact when a person is just a pathological liar, attention seeker or social climber.

It’s so annoying. Really. And I’m sorry if this is a rant-ish kind of post but this is just me being real. My mind is popping and fuzzing with these ideas and I didn’t even want to write about it but thought it’s actually better than all the rainbows and butterflies.


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