Date with Mama

I was on leave because that’s when I had my blood chem. After that, mom and I went to her doctor to have her eyes checked. She had this eye scratch like inside her eyes but she’s finally okay now.

We shopped for books and we also had early dinner at her favorite Chinese Restaurant called Luk Yu En

The meal was so filling and I love having mini dates with mom.

I realized that she’s my forever and ever best buddy in the entire universe so I keep praying to God that we both have longer lives so I can make her feel the love I have for her in my days on earth.

Here’s a photo of what we had for early dinner.


Here’s a photo of the books to add up on my unread pile. The Milk and Honey was from mom and the Holding Up The Universe was the one I bought for myself.


I seriously have a problem. I just can’t stop hoarding books! -_- HALLLP!


Pieces of Advice for a more Positive Day

I’ve recently been stressed out. Ate a lot of chocolates and indulged on Potato chips. Here I am fighting off high blood sugar and I’m dreading what may happen if my blood sugar continues to shoot up, not to mention my cholesterol level at 25 years old. *sigh* Anyway, I’m here to impart something with you guys.

I think everyone realizes this anyway at some point in time but let me just get it out there. I finally understood that everyday may seem to be a struggle but every waking day is a survival game, survival of the fittest. You can’t always let yourself sink and struggle for far too long because the world will turn, day will arrive as well as night, it will rain it will shine. People live and die and what’s going to happen will happen whether you are happy or sad. That’s just how life goes and that’s what makes it both exciting and terrifying. So I feel like aside from all the amazing things life has to offer, I must put in mind (and you do too) that…

  • Every day is a test of faith. I don’t wanna make it sound as if it’s like a win or lose thing, like it’s some kind of examination that you may either pass or fail but I think your faith gets tested from time to time to make you a stronger person. It’s not always in a religious sense, as it also could mean faith on people, on things, on yourself, on your expectations and goals. It’s a test of how much you could make or break yourself in the process. It’s not something to put you down but to lift you a notch higher than your self yesterday.
  • Every day is a test of stronger ties as well. A little similar to faith, only that it pertains to people around you. Your family, friends, loved ones and everyone that helps you get through a tough day and helps you feel like winning in life on every celebration and success. Every day we lose people we love or dear to us not only in the sense of mortality but in the aspect of how close we are both physically, emotionally and mentally. Unfortunately (and may also be fortunately) some people are not meant to be part of our lives anymore, they need to leave us so that new ones can come in and for us to treasure more those who stayed. Every day we meet new people, every day we decide whether we want people to stay in our lives, we decide whether we want to stay in other people’s lives.
  • Every day is a test of self-reliance, confidence, wisdom and knowledge. Every day is a learning experience and at the end of every freaking dark tunnel is a light to self-discovery. Always remember that yes, people are there for you to support you, guide you and be there for you whether you need someone or not but it’s only you alone who can help yourself. You can’t be helped by people if you don’t know how to help yourself, you can’t learn new things if you don’t believe that you can acquire more knowledge. It always starts with yourself first before any other stuff comes in.

So every day is a struggle and a celebration. Every day is a test of faith, stronger ties, self-discovery, knowledge and learning experience. Always choose to move forward and think brightly about things. You may win or lose, but it’s all part of life. Everything that’s happening to you right now is part of how you will be shaped for the future ahead of you. Cheers!

Xox, T.

Weekend Update! February 24-26

What do you say I make a weekend update and actually make it a regular post? Woo!

I am so excited to write about this for a while now and I told myself I’ll squeeze the weekend update on a Monday morning before I bury myself with pending work that I have yet to focus on. Let’s begin!

Friday February 24, 2017

It’s one of the very few “Thank God It’s Friday” days because it’s a Filipino Holiday the following day (Feb 25) which means I don’t have to go to work on that particular Saturday! Woop! So work was quite chill. I figured if I don’t stress myself that much it will always be chill instead of me almost ugly crying every now and then. LOL. So like I said, it was a chill day and I was ecstatic to end the day already. Because Kyx said we’d go have dinner together which is rare on Friday nights! He picked me up from work before 7pm and we went to SM Aura (it’s a Mall near my office) and decided to eat there. I was looking forward to trying the Poke Poke Manila because I was trying to really really eat healthy after finding out the results of my blood chem (omg I have not told you guys yet about it have I? wait. I’ll write about it now) REWIND TO THURSDAY! I went to get my Blood Chem/ Blood Work results and even though I am clueless as to how I should read it, it wasn’t that hard to know that my results are not good enough especially it has the “normal range” side VS my own test results side. All of the other aspects of my blood chem is normal except for BLOOD SUGAR and CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. I weigh really heavy for my height, Idk why, aside from a very strict diet, I follow a workout routine and yet I still find it hard to lose all the weight. The doctor said it was genetics and constantly following my strict diet and workout would actually pay off as long as I do it DAILY. I’m, guilty of skipping workout days especially if I feel too tired or exhausted from work. Anyway, now I have to look after my weight, blood sugar level and cholesterol level for a month! I have several supplements and tea and another strict dinner plan to observe and fingers crossed, I get by and have good results by the end of March. OKAYYY SOOO GOING BACK TO FRIDAY. Since I need to really really really really eat healthy now, I decided to try the Poke Poke Manila. They have different Poke Bowls and I’ll show you in a picture below how it looks like. There are many poke bowls to choose from and I chose the “dragon” one. It consists of quinoa, salmon, tuna, unagi, mango, cucumber, mangonnaise. Sriracha. I also partnered it with a cold pressed fresh juice made up of apple, lemon, beets and ginger. I wasn;t able to finish the Poke Bowl because the serving is really big so I had to ask them if I can have it on a to-go bag which they willingly did so for me. The Poke Bowl and Juice was very expensive for my own liking but I can’t complain, quality is really good. What bugs me is why are healthy food so expensive and the unhealthy ones so cheap we end up being very unhealthy in the long run? Oh well. I just hope someday the world turns and then healthy food would be affordable! I enjoyed our dinner. Oh, Kyx had Frankies, he ate chicken wings and rice and more chicken wings and coca cola yet he remains on 40kg. (Talk about lean and very very lean LOL) After dinner, we bought a gift for our godchild and went home to watch movies!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Woke up about 10-ish, did a workout, took a bath and ate brunch with Kyx. I also got to catch up a bit on How To Get Away with Murder but I’m not quite done yet. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, Kyx and I got ready for the children’s party of our godchild Alex. It was an intimate party, food was soooo good and it was also entertaining. Got to spend time with mi amigas and it was such a fun day. Kyx and I went home around 7pm-ish, the party was not quite done yet but Kyx was growing tired cause he didn’t have a decent sleep for the past days and so off we went home. We watched a movie too and I fell asleep LOL.

Here are photos from the party

Sunday February 26, 2017

FAMILY DAY! My mom, sisters, eldest brother and I went to visit our uncle and aunt and their family for a nice time. Actually, we are visiting our uncle who is just recovering from an Open Heart Surgery. Everything with the operation went smoothly and we are all glad that he is recovering very very well! Hopefully, he stays super super healthy now! We ate a lot and bonded a lot. Mostly talk and laugh about stuff. I didn’t have a bad time (which I usually get when spending too much time outside my own world) this time, I was actually glad we went out and bonded! Though very simple and intimate, I found serenity and it’s just very stress-free to be with your Family. I want to show you a photo but it’s on my brother’s phone -_-

I was actually thinking that this is one of the most tiring weekends I have ever experienced but I am very happy to have spent my time with people close to my heart.

How about you guys? How was your weekend?

Pants On Fire

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire.

I just can’t stand people lying to me. I can’t deal with lies. Especially when I know the truth.

It’s just sad but I wouldn’t be pondering about a friendship that’s lost because of a lie. I wouldn’t even look back. I’m sorry but that’s just how I am.

Ever had someone lie to your face about something? I mean it doesn’t have to be too personal but a lie is a lie. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to understand as to why a person would lie to other people.

What infuriates me? It makes me really agitated when people lie not because of the lying, not because of the act itself but the mere thought that they think they can fool me? I mean come on, seriously? You think I’m stupid? LOL.

Am I sad to end a friendship? NO. I don’t even want to look back. It may be a big or small lie but a lie is a lie and nothing makes it better especially when a person wouldn’t admit to committing a lie. LOL.

Why I don’t consider and forget and forgive? BECAUSE A LIAR IS A LIAR. You didn’t just mess my pride and ego, you messed up with the faith I give to people. I choose carefully who I trust so it crushes me if people do not give it the importance and value it deserves. My friendship is not just a simple one. I am that kind who will stick with you no matter what so I don’t deserve being lied to.

I may sound full of emotions right now but no, I have a poker face plastered for the whole world to see.

Thoughts About: On The Job (Indie Filipino Film)

Kyx has been bugging me to get on with watching On The Job; an indie Filipino film by Erik Matti. Kyx nd I have been watching thriller, crime, mystery films, mostly twist-y films I would say and he wanted to check if On The Job makes the cut in our taste. On The Job is a movie about 2 narrative. 1 about 2 gunmen who are already inmates/prisoners only to be allowed to go out in the open when a powerful politician/military person wants someone killed. Another narrative is about 2 policemen trying to solve a crime only to find out that the people responsible for a crime is right under their noses.

I don’t want to give away more spoilers but this film is definitely one of the movies you need to see before you die. The terrifying and eerie feeling of knowing that it is based on true events is enough to make you go crazy.

I guess I would rate it around 4.5 over 5 stars.

I am not a film major but I took up film class as a major subject back in college when I was still acquiring my bachelor’s degree for Communication Art so my standards on films can be pretty decent. I just have one major thing which is why I didn’t give it a perfect 5.

I feel like it aimed to have your mind blown but it didn’t. I mean it did on certain parts but from boiling down to a single plot, it’s pretty obvious. Okay, I don’t really know the objective or the goal of having 2 narratives. I feel like it gives you the clue that it will all be tangled down in the end but you know it is tangled up to begin with? Argh. I can’t explain! Lol.

It’s hard not to give spoilers on this but I don’t want to give anything else away but I guess I would eventually do it, grrr.

I feel like they wanted us to not know that the stories are weaved together or maybe I’m wrong? But that’s what I feel. They wanted to have this mind-fuck feel to it but it failed ? or is it just me thinking that?

Overall, it is one of the greatest films in the Filipino Film Industry and that makes me very proud.


I have made 2 blog posts yesterday but apparently, I forgot to publish them and now, it seems pointless to do so.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results for my Blood Chemistry Test and was able to discuss it with my Endocrinologist.

Good news- I don’t have a thyroid problem!!! My liver and kidney functions are normal and I CAN’T BE ANY HAPPIER!

Bad news- I have a high blood sugar and high cholesterol level. OH MA LAWD.

My doctor prescribed medicines, supplements and milk. I am not allowed to have dinner anymore for a month. My dinner would be 1 glass of Glucerna milk and 1 glass of water. I have no problem with that, most of the time I don’t eat a lot of dinner anyway.

I’m a bit worried but I feel like if I followed this strict diet, my blood sugar level would go back to normal and so is my cholesterol level. I hate how I’m having problems like this already! Lol.

What else could I update you guys with? Hmm.

Art Fair Philippines 2017

The Art Fair Philippines 2017 is an annual art fair event. It was held in The Link Parking, Makati City. Being an artist of a boyfriend, Kyx’s friends are artist themselves (of course) and some really pursued traditional painting (unlike Kyx who was more on the digital side).

(Here are some pieces and I’ll get to adding some more)

Ticket prices are 250.00 per head (about 2-3 US Dollars) not really expensive and I must say quite a bargain already. For students, they’d only pay 50 pesos (a dollar) and for the students of Makati City they would be free of charge as long as they have an ID.

I think it was a 3 day fair (Sorry I’m always not sure lol) we went on the 2nd day, Saturday February 18, 2017. There was a long line to get to the event. I think we waited for a good 30 minutes before we were allowed to pay for our tickets. After getting our tickets, we went straight to the 6th floor where Art Underground is (that’s Marc’s art representative; sorry to be politically incorrect cause in all honesty, I don’t know what it’s called but it’s just Marc’s management I believe) so we roamed around first and checked out the art pieces we can see. There were lots and lots and lots of art pieces that we were not able to see because basically the whole 6th to 11th floor have art pieces in them. Kyx and I were able to check out the art pieces on the 6th floor, which I will show you.. I wasn’t able to take a photo on all the art pieces cause either I am awkward or there are lots of other people taking photos.

The only driving force why Kyx and I went to the art fair was that our friend Marc Aran Reyes is showcasing his 3 huge pieces called “The Oneiric Time Piece”. Though we really loved the other art pieces, we went there mainly to support our friend.

I am keeping myself off from writing more about Marc but I can’t help it! Marc is such a wonderful person and an amazing artist. He’s always very humble and down to earth despite the fact that he is starting to rise in the art scene. Famous people and celebrities are lining up for his art work and his art are always sold out! Ahhhh I can’t be any prouder and happier for Marc. He deserves it!

He is so passionate and we can’t help but be really proud of him and his success.

Okay, enough of y fan-girling for my friend.

The only other thing that I didn’t like was a lot of people went there not because they’re enthusiasts but because they want to join the bandwagon. Not big of a problem in there but basic art manners are not even observed! A lot of other people are TOUCHING the art pieces my oh my. It’s horrific. Please people, do not touch the art works unless it is to be touched. It’s okay to take photos of it but make sure to be very careful. Also, make sure you don’t take photos with flash if advised.

Over all, the art fair was a great experience. I love every painting I saw and I got more and more inspired to do well in my watercolour paintings lol. I know I won’t be as big as Marc but whatev.

Here’s a group photo that our friend Kaye took.