Brewing Ideas Lately

I have been brewing a lot of ideas already and I feel like I have to write them all down before the moment passes. I have written a short note for myself reminding me about the topics I was wanting to write about. I hope you don’t get bored from it and that you will learn something from what I have written or at least enjoy some ideas I have!

This year, I am not really planning on making my blog a “something”. Like having just one concept to blog about like the fashion and/or food bloggers out there. Mainly because I really have scattered thoughts and a lot of things I want to share with you guys that is not purely of fashion, food and reviews. I want my blog to be something very personal because writing is just too close to my heart that I want to share my personal views with you lot! ❤

So fasten your seatbelt and watch out for a burst of ideas coming your way soon! Teehee.


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