Today, I can officially say TGIF. I usually can’t enjoy Fridays knowing I still have work on Saturdays. Tomorrow being a Saturday is an exception though since it’s Chinese New Year! The bosses here are Chinese and 3 of my office friends are Chinese as well.

Now having a 3-day break (I’m on leave on Monday), I feel like I will not be able to expand the usage cause I’ll probably just sit at home reading, painting or watching an anime movie with Kyx. Most of our free times are spent doing introverted things and I am happy with the way things are not to mention that we do go out or have out of town trips from time to time.

I was planning to have a weekend getaway but I think I am too lazy to go out. So I’ll probably just go painting over the weekend. I do hope I get something done productive though.

I also did my first painting from the W&N cotman set and I can’t wait to show you guys the artwork. It was a collaboration between me and Kyx! Before I show it to you guys, let me tell you something about the set I got!

  1. The thing is pretty much old I think. I mean it may be a pretty old stock? I can’t say I want something new but whatever. All of the paints are moist already (which is far different from mint condition paints cause typically, it should get off of their pans) being moist actually saved me from the hassle of dealing with the pans being thrown out of place.
  2. The half pans are wrapped individually and it took me I think a good 30 minute before I have finished unwrapping all of them! It was quite a chore but I was so excited it didn’t matter.
  3. Finally trying the paints, I loved it! So vivid, so bright, so saturated! I loved it soooo much!

Now I can’t wait to show you the first artwork I made using the watercolour!


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