Watercolor Chronicles S02E03

Today, the Winsor and Newton Cotman Set of 45 half pans have arrived!!! Finally, I have a decent paint (not that Prang isn’t decent but you know what I mean right?)

I am considering this the season 2 of my watercolour chronicles. After learning the basics (the hard way of course) I think I can consider myself on the second level of the journey already. Not that I’m good enough already but at least I can produce decent ones after failing miserable and wasting so much paint and paper before. Lol.

In season 2, here’s what I recently acquired:

  • A bigger watercolour paper. Same brand (that I have yet to compare with other brands but for now I’m good)
  • I have added a few good brushes aside from my one and only trusted medium water brush I have acquired when I first started painting in watercolour. I have 2 sets of sable brushes, the cheaper one I bought from National Bookstore and the more student grade one (meaning legit one) are from Deovir Art supplies store. I am loving the latter even more so than I expected! I found it rather small for my taste at first but I figured it works well for me cause I have a small hand and it makes it easier to control the strokes. Though expensive for a student (or is it cheap for artist idk but it’s pretty expensive for me on a reasonable side though) I find it very very good. It has a nice quality for the price only for 518 pesos I think it’s about $10 (US Dollars). Okay so at first I was thinking it is expensive but now, I feel like it’s way cheaper because of how good the quality it has! I love it!
  • Of course, I got a new set of paints! After having Prang watercolour for I think about 5 months, I decided to get tube paints so I could try em out too. I decided to get the 12 tube set of Pebeo’s Gouache paints (which works well for me) though I do not paint entirely with it, I mean I use several colors in several parts only when I need it because Prang is a bit too weak for my taste when it comes to saturation and vibrancy. So the Gouache paints really lifted a lot of my artworks and I loved it (though it takes some getting used to. I figured it behaved well differently than Prang but whatevs) so now that I’m on season 2, I have the W&N 45 half pan Cotman!!! I am soooo excited to try it out. I have read a lot of reviews, watched tutorials and reviews as well on YouTube and I am just really freaking out cause I want to learn more of it.
  • Lastly and most importantly, I have acquired a new set of confidence and creativity. I have not thought about myself that I’ll be a good artist cause I just really am an enthusiast and more contented to have an artist of a boyfriend. I find joy in just watching him create his own artworks and I couldn’t be any more happier until I felt that I can create my own set of artworks too!

I will try to refrain from saying that I still have a lot to learn (but seriously, I have to learn a lot more!) and just enjoy practicing. I hope to be more creative and give birth to new concept and ideas without having to look for inspiration on other artworks, I want to be able to create my own original piece and maybe that’s not gonna happen anytime soon but I really do hope!

So stoked to use the W&N tonight!!! Are you excited for me too? LOL.

Happy Painting!

(again, if you have any suggestions, tips, tricks or a blog you want me to read, please do let me know!)


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