Stop Acting Like You Care When You Don’t

Ever wondered that the hardest things to do are the simplest things ever? I mean for some people and given some situations, people find it hard and awkward to do when in fact it should be easy and simple?

Like saying Thank You and Sorry. Like saying Yes and No. Acting like you care when you don’t and acting like you don’t care when you do.

Those are just a few examples and a few things I can think of today and I realized how easy it should be! Maybe, when it requires digging deeper into emotions, tapping your heart and soul, it gets hard to do the simple things especially when it requires genuine sincerity right?

So today, a friend of mine talked to me about a few things. Something hard to accept so I am fairly surprised how she gave me a no fucks given attitude? I mean I’m not taking it against her and her coping style but I’ve come to realize how it gets harder when you supress the real emotions. When you hide it all to yourself left to explode when you can’t take shit anymore right? So how hard it is to show your feelings? Maybe this is easy for me to say as I am an emotional piece of prick. I am not one of the gifted ones to hide emotions cause when I feel something, I feel it in the moment. I cry when I need to cry, I laugh when I need to laugh. I can’t look at a person’s eyes if they did me wrong or lied to me. I can’t conceal my emotions as much as I wanted to because I am very transparent when it comes to my feelings. When I am grateful, you will feel it. When I’m mad, the gods of madness and fury goes out from my soul, when I am feeling very happy, I could throw a celebration of hugs and joy. It’s crazy!

So maybe yes, it is easy for me to say these things, but this is good right? This is a good piece of advice (I believe so) so as much as possible, why not just act the way you mean to. Say what you mean. When you’re happy, show it! When you’re mad, try to calm down but don’t fake your emotions cause it’ll just make you feel madder than you already are. And again, if you don’t care, then stop acting like you do. If you do care, well stop acting like you don’t. Because you’re just confusing yourself and other people. You’re confusing your emotions and your mental well-being.

Hard at first but when you get used to being the real you, everything follows!


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