Learning in My Watercolor Journey

I have written a long blog entry but then I had a problem with my internet so I had to restart my laptop only to find out that I have not saved any of my work and all disappeared to thin air in the digital world. I feel so bummed but hey let’s see if I can still write about what I have written.


Though I absolutely consider myself a noob over watercolour painting and whatnot, I have learned a few things that I want to share with you guys especially if you’re also a beginner like me.

  1. I learned to refrain from using too much paints and too many colors all at once. Aside from being wise with the amount and saving pigments for more paintings, I understood the magic it creates when a few dabs of paint can go a long way.
  2. I learned how to sketch quite a bit. I am not good with drawing and sketching but somehow, I learned it by force. Though most of the time, I still ask Kyx for help when it comes to different perspectives and angles. I have yet to learn how to sketch fully without any guide but right now, I’m happy that I have someone who can help me!
  3. I got to learn my style and preference through watercolour techniques. There’s wet on wet and wet on dry. I prefer the wash style which is wet on wet because then I can fully play with the water and pigments without having to be uptight on rules and proportion. I love playing with the pigments so I enjoy wet on wet more over than wet on dry (but again, that’s just my preference)
  4. I got to know at least more about brands and how these paints behave which makes me like a level 2 student instead of a baby one lol. I honestly without a doubt love Prang! I started out with it and fell in love with watercolour all because of Prang! But as time went by, I keep having problems progressing my artwork into a more saturated, more vibrant painting because with Prang, I can’t seem to get the color I was aiming for which left me frustrated over time. So moving on to a new paint W&N, I would still love Prang but I am excited to move a notch higher!
  5. Got to learn how to use brushes and the difference between a couple of brands, quality and all. I have atleast 2 cheap brushes (which are soooooooo hard to use mind you) and a couple of student grade sable brushes plus a waterbrush for traveling + painting. Right now I want to be able to enjoy my sable brushes. I didn’t splurge on them but it’s fairly more expensive than craft store brushes for kids but overall, I would like to be able to like it first and test it until I move on to a different brush.

I have been thinking of what else to add up to this (not to mention I was trying to replicate the entry I wrote a while ago) but I feel like I should limit it to 5 tips or learning I had over the course of my watercolour painting experience.

If you have anything to add to this, or an experience you want to share, your comments will be very greatly appreciated. You can also direct me to a blog with tips or to your blogs and I’d be happy to pay a visit. Yay!

Happy painting!



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