Heart Wrenching, Face Smiling, Soul Fed

Ever heard of a song that has the ability to wrench your heart, make you smile and feed your soul at the same time? I forgot if I ever felt this way over songs in the past but right now, I am having this roller coaster bit of emotions while I listen to Autotelic. You see, Autotelic is a local band from the Philippines. I think they’re just rising to fame, I feel like they will eventually boom into the music world and become mainstream but right now, I’m enjoying them while they’re popular to the passionate ones and not the mainstream crowd (just yet)

I have been listening to Laro and Languyin over and over this morning (until now).

I don’t know but it makes me feel alive, it makes my heart break into a million pieces but enough to make me smile. It makes my soul full of amazing mementos, pieces and bits of all sorts of emotions given to me by different people, situation, places and moments. It awakens the sleeping passion once flaring and blaring with fiery love for everything. It makes everything colourful and dark at the same time. It washes the gray skies but ends up raining. It’s all so contradictory but the feelings are legit GENUINE. I love how it makes me feel everything. It’s crazy!

Do you know songs like this? Or story, poetry, piece of art etc. If yes, please let me know.


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