Hi! After all your words of encouragement and appreciation, I finally decided that I will upgrade my paint from Prang to Cotman!

I ordered a 45 half pan Winsor and Newton Cotman set and I can’t wait to finally be able to use it! I think it’ll arrive tomorrow or Friday *squealing in excitement*

I got suggestions about getting an artist paint already or something better than the Cotman set. Though I really appreciate your suggestions (many thanks again, I swear I love you guys for that!) I can’t go back now because 1. I ordered the W&N set already and 2. You might think I am really good (do you, or not? Lol) but I am actually not good at it just yet. I have a lot to learn! My paintings are like baby quality compared to some of the beginners. My paintings may look nice but it’s just really blah most of the time.

As I keep saying, I have not made something out of pure emotions cause I have to look for inspiration among other artists which makes me feel like a noob lol. Also, I have to ask Kyx for help if I feel like I am not doing something right so he still needs to guide me. So I guess the Cotman might be a good one for practicing (though I still feel so unworthy of it as of the moment)

It’s not that I am putting myself so down and low and that I don’t believe in myself but seriously you guys, I have artist friends and some of you here are talented enough that can really whip out a good painting and I sit here, trying my best and failing hahaha. Although as I also keep saying, I am quite happy about it I just really need to practice more and more everyday!

So for watercolour artists or enthusiasts, I have a question.

I am using a 200gsm cold pressed Canson watercolour paper. The style I use on painting is “wash” so most of the paintings I do are wet on wet. My paper gets wrinkled (though it doesn’t tear) I have a hard time mixing cause the colors spread out on the wrinkled part instead of the whole paper. Is it the paper I need to change or do I really use a lot of water? (I put water a lot but not so much to make my paper have a meltdown, I hope you know what I mean) So really, please HELP me!

And also, any tips on watercolour you know? A blog or you as a person? Please do help me. I will appreciate it so much!



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