I have been so busy writing (both personal and work related) that I forgot to check out the comments and feedbacks I got. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. I am so overwhelmed. I mean, I didn’t expect for anyone to even like my watercolour paintings! (trust me, I am not being humble about this because sadly, my paintings look really really like a beginner’s painting) I still have a long way to go as far as painting is concerned. I have yet to learn and master the basic techniques of sketching and painting. I always have to cry out for help whenever I am having a hard time to get through a painting. Kyx then would be to the rescue and help me lol.

Maybe I shall write my journey to watercolour painting just so you have a background? Or did I already write that kind of stuff? I think I did. It’s in this post.

So for a better understanding, I still lack the skills. I am really doing my best but I always end up frustrating myself cause you see, I have pegs. Like I am trying a sort of technique while looking at the certain painting inspiration but I can’t seem to come close to it after. The results are not bad (I guess) but it’s not close to what I was actually meaning to do. If only I can show you my peg/inspiration as compared to the ones I have made. BLAH. MEH. Haha. But still, it makes me quite happy.

Also, I get inspiration from Pinterest or other artists. I try to do a version of their piece of art (and failing miserably) I have yet to create my own art without looking at other people’s work of art. I am wishing to convert my own emotions to pieces of at but for now, I still find inspiration on other people’s art. Also, I never claim to be originally behind the work of art. I always say that it’s inspired from a different artist’s work. If I even have a chance, I ask permission from that particular artist.

Above all that, I am still thankful to you guys for appreciating whatever piece of watercolour painting I made and posted. I am really happy that you guys find it nice. It makes me strive even harder. *squeals inside* I am really really really greatly happy that you find it beautiful. Hihihi. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT!

I’ll be posting my artworks here regularly from hereon. ❤ xx



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