Many Souls

As I have written on my previous post, I have realizations wherein I continue to catch myself being different and far more better (most of the time) than the previous version of myself. I figured it’s probably because maybe, everyone of us have a lot of souls inside us. I mean we have a core soul but we have tremendous fiber of other layers hovering and just waiting to emerged to the surface when the time calls for it. (disclaimer: this is a plain birth of my mind and I am not crazy. I also do not have scientific and even metaphoric basis on my ideas so… HAHAHA)

In a much more sensible phrase, no matter what the emotions and actions we have, we will always always unleash a different version of ourselves.

We would always be stronger, kinder softer, more loving, more understanding. Even MORE or LESS of everything, whichever way it goes, we are always different from who we were days, weeks, months, years ago. We have changed and most of the time, we don’t even notice it!

Even for a fact that I have an idea that somehow, I have changed for the better, I still get quite shocked whenever I feel like a better person. (this bit makes me laugh out loud to myself like really? I am a better person? LMAO) but seriously. Like for instance, when someone gives you shit, instead of bringing a bigger shit than you got, you become the bigger/better person and get rid of this shit instead of making a huge fuss out of it than you would usually do. Right? Like you get to be the better person and you get a little surprised when this sort of things happen but then you get used to being a better person so you go on with it day by day and end up being far far far more, way way way wayyyyy better than you already are and you get surprised again and the cycle goes on. So maybe, we just really unleash our beautiful souls when the time comes and isn’t that nice to know?

I was meaning for this entry to be more meaty and sensible but again, I failed because of the many babbling I do and keep distracting myself from things. Eeeep!


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