Watercolor, Arts and Whatnot

I am not a great artist (am I even an artist?) yet and I am losing my mind over buying myself an upgrade paint. I started watercolour painting last June 2016. I have been really into arts even as a kid but I never really paid attention to it, I mean I am more into reading and writing hence the no focus over arts. I’ve got all sorts of crayons, colored pencils, paints like acrylic, poster paint, watercolour etc. I have all the art supply I would ever need but I didn’t really happen to excel on any of it lol.

Now that I am an adult, I tried watercolour painting as a therapy. I mean I made it as a stress reliever and it felt good (for the most part). I have a lot more to learn!! I am half self-taught, half taught by Kyx (my boyfriend who is a digital artist).  He teaches me techniques on sketching, coloring and mixing. He supports me as well and he even buys me some art materials such as a watercolour pad and a detailing brush! (so happpppyyyy)

I started off with Prang watercolour. As a beginner, everything I read said that Prang watercolour is the most beginner friendly watercolour. It has a lot of fun colors and I really had fun painting using it.  After sometime, I figured that I really want to paint using watercolour and not just use it as a therapy. I want to be able to paint and improve and if possible, even become a good artist!

Before 2016 ended, I painted 2 watercolour paintings and I loved it! I felt so proud to even accomplish something like that. Though I am not really good at it (yet), I found it so fulfilling to finish a good looking painting (good looking for me lol). So how was I able to do it?

  1. I looked for art inspirations, references and all. I checked Pinterest and found some good pieces there.
  2. Kyx helped me sketch through my artwork. I really need to improve on my sketching. Kyx—being an artist, told me that I need to master the technique and I need to listen to him whenever he teaches me (most of the time, I get trapped in awe because of how good he is) so I forget the tips and tricks.
  3. I paint my way through the artwork with Kyx’s guide.

After those paintings, I decided to get a different paint. I tested gouache paints by Pebeo which is sorta different from Prang. I mostly use both in one painting. I combine the 2 and I go from there. It’s a bit hard for me to use 2 types of paint but I would always end up liking the outcome.

Here comes the cray part. After 6 paintings that are aesthetically satisfying, I figured I am having a hard time liking Prang for most of my paintings. Simply because I wanted a darker tone which I somehow cannot accomplish using Prang (don’t get me wrong, I love Prang! I really do! But it’s not for the kind of paintings I want) So I looked and checked out stuff online and I have been eyeing on Winsor and Newton Cotman set! They have a wide variety of pan sets which makes it difficult for me to choose!!

I decided I would want 24 half pans BUT they don’t have Cotman half pans in 24 or if they do, it’s almost the same price from the 45 half pans set! Only a hundred peso difference which makes me want to get the 45 half pans right? There ain’t no 16 half pans as well and the only thing I have to choose from is 12 half pans, 14 half pans and 45 half pans. (They do have the 24 whole pans but it’s the same price, as the 45 half pans. Did I say that already?) Now, I am thinking of getting the 14 half pans or the 45 half pans.

*heavy breathing* it’s so hard because both are affordable. I mean the 14 half pans set is more affordable of course with a limited array of colors while the 45 half pans are too much for me considering I am not a good artist (yet)

Kyx said he can help me mix the colors I want if in any case I would be getting the 14 half pans (limited colors to use) then he said, if I then choose to get the 45 half pans, maybe he can use it as well if he wishes to watercolour paint!!!

If Kyx gives me an assurance that he will be painting using the 45 half pans of Winsor and Newton, then I will be super happy to buy it. But if I will be the only one to use it, then I might go with the 14 half pans instead.

I am actually wanting to talk to someone who might know the answer or who can help me figure out what to buy. Would I go for the 14 half pans or the 45 half pans set? Price difference is not too big (which makes it even harder to decide)

If you are a watercolour artist and you began from scratch or at least you know something, please do tell me and help me reach a conclusion *cries softly with fat tears* cause I am very confused already hahahaha.

If I become a full pledged watercolour artist, I will write about watercolour reviews, advice and techniques!

** Do you know a blog that writes thorough reviews with snippets of advice for watercolour artists or beginners? Please let me know!

Arigatou, gracias, Salamat!!

Thank you ❤ xox,T.


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