Bolinao, Pangasinan 2017

It’s time I talk about the day trip we had from Manila to Pangasinan. It was roughly 4-6 hours drive? I’m not really sure cause I dozed off the whole time we were driving our butts to the province.

So again for a brief background, on the 14th of January, I went to the blog readers day event of Mommy Fleur, after that, I dashed to the art exhibit of our artist friends. I really just stayed there for 10 minutes cause I didn’t have enough time. I got home at around 8pm and fixed some of our stuff, made sure everything is packed and at past 10pm, Jayson and Tish picked us up.

We bought food at Mdonald’s just in case we get hungry. We left Manila at 1am and arrived in Pangasinan around 5 or 6am (I’m not sure) we passed by their local church and I made a wish, prayed hard and off we went for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to the Bolinao Falls. It was a terrific sight! Some are cliff diving straight into the falls but I have not guts to do it not because I’m afraid of it but I’m afraid I might fall badly and hurt myself. I have a friend who went cliff diving and she had a spinal injury! I can’t afford to have that kind of injury in my life so, no. I can’t go cliff diving whatsoever.

We swam awkwardly in the falls and there were lots of people swimming too! After that, we went to grab some lunch!

Lunch was interesting because we rented a floating raft. So the raft is floating around the lake while we ate our lunch. It was a fun experience. The food was great too! Although I wish I had packed my red rice…

After our lunch at the floating raft, we went to the Cave. There’s this cave thing but we were so tired already so we asked if we can go straight to the Beach! It was a short drive and we were at the beach in no time! We took photos and swam! Kyx and I played by the waves. It was so fun to have the waves crash down on us and we were even waiting for bigger waves to come! Boy was it fun!

Kyx and I also watched the sunset. There were other people who watched it too and it was great to have seen nature at its rawest. I am thinking of painting that sort of sunset once I get the time!

Drive home was loooong and I was super tired I slept the moment we arrived at the house.

The next day, Kyx had lunch with his friends, it was an all boys trip so I was not able to come. Instead, I went to my mom’s house and had nachos for merienda. HOW RANDOM WAS THAT!? Lol.

I’ll put the photos soon so you can see some of the stuff I have written here when we were in Pangasinan!


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