Surprise, Surprise!


Kyx and I are both surprise junkies! We surprise each other as much as we can.

Even when we were still friends back in high school and college, we would tease each other about surprises for birthdays and celebrations. I think I am not explaining this well omg.

Okay so here, for instance, my birthday is coming up in about a week or two, Kyx would tell me his birthday gift would be a surprise and I’ll do the same to him. I’ll tell him my gift would be a surprise but we never really pull off a good surprise.

There was this one time when we were both invited to an alumni homecoming in our high school and I asked him if he would be coming, he told me it’s a surprise. I sort of forgot about it so I was not able to come to the event. After a day, he sent me a message and asked me if I forgot something. I told him no and he said he was gping to surprise me on the day of the event but it turned out that joke’s on him cause I didn’t show up. LOL. So there.

When we finally became a couple (so many years after high school), we would both surprise each other with thoughtful presents, notes, candies and a lot of other things. It’s sort of exciting and fun!

The latest surprises that he made was this.

  1. He went out to accompany our friends and they ate ramen. I was not able to go with them cause I was stuck at work. When he picked me up at work, he gave me a paper bag and I opened it and saw the book I have been eyeing for for over a month now! It was 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami! I was so shocked!!!
  2. He went to have lunch with his ex-officemates and it was an all boys shindig so I was left at home. When he got to my house, he gave me a bag of chicken wings (hahahaha) and he said it’s his pasalubong (pasalubong is a term in Filipino which means you bought something from where you went and brought it to your loved one at home) when I got in the car, I saw a huge brown bag and when I opened it, it was a big Canson watercolour pad!!! I was ecstatic!!!

I have been working on watercolour for 7 months now and been practicing a whole lot. I’ll show you some of my pieces. Art inspiration was of course from pinterest. So anyway, my last watercolour pad ran out and I don’t have any paper left in the pad so I bought watercolour paper loose sheets. It was hard because I don’t have a cardboard thing to stick to it so I had to do a make-shift pan where I could put my paper on top. Kyx maybe found out that I am having a hard time plus he wanted me to be able to put more details cause he got me an even bigger pad! I felt like a kid. I was so happy!!!

But above all that, those surprises brought me joy of course, yet what my heart is very happy about is the fact that Kyx was so thoughtful picking up stuff that he knows I would love and not just random things. He was so thoughtful about all the surprises and no object or food would ever equate to that. Gahhhh.


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