Mommy Fleur Day 2017

So for some of you who does not know Mommy Fleur, she’s a mommy blogger in the Philippines. She blogs about being a mom to Anika, a wife to Alvin and mostly about life in general. A lot can relate to her blog even I can relate to her blog considering I am neither a mom nor a wife right? She’s very quirky and smart. I love everything about her and I feel like I have known her for a long time by just reading her blog. Anyway, she’s quite popular here in the Philippines and she holds “Mommy Fleur Day” it’s like an intimate meet and greet with her blog readers and only a few are invited.

I am one of the lucky people to be invited there!!

My thoughts are racing! I am an introvert and a get together with people I don’t personally know can be compared to a really bad hair day + bad movie + horror film with bad actors. That’s how get togethers make me feel, I cringe so much I want to disappear. But this one is different. I didn’t give a shit whether I know anyone there or not, as long as I get to meet Mommy Fleur and her family. It’s like meeting a book character in real life!

So come January 14, I got off work 2 hours earlier because I usually get off at around 4pm but the get together would start by 2pm so I had to leave earlier, I talked to my boss and he allowed me to go. I have yet to go on a trip to Pangasinan that night, not to mention my friends have an art show at around 7pm! My day was so jam packed but I am happy.

I went there, there were people already but the thing have not started yet so I took a seat and used my phone until someone sat beside me, she was quite an introvert too and we talked a bit. So that’s my only friend there at Mommy Fleur Day.

Now let’s talk about the Mommy Fleur Day itself!

The venue was very nice for a small get-together. It was intimately arranged. Simple but quite a party. I have no other words but AMAZING. We started with a few games, raffle and all. It was fun! I got to interact with other people for a bit as well and I was not even scared to mingle. LOL.

The food was catered and boy does it taste good! I ate only a few of everything, we were given everything and you can opt to have more or less. I got less of everything and I enjoyed it. I ate spinach lasagne, lechon (roasted pork), chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, a cupcake and a fruit tart. I LOVED EVERYTHING OMG.

Everyone won a raffle prize as well, I got a brow liner and even though I don’t use brow liners, I was still happy to have won something.

There’s also a segment called “Eyebrow Workshop” and the one who taught us about it was a very great Make-up artist, her name is Eliza (omg sorry Idk the spelling) but she’s very great! She answered questions and taught us the proper way to do the brows. Everyone loved it! I loved it even if I am not into eyebrow make-up (because first off, I am allergic to a lot of brands huhu and second, my eyebrows are very thick that I don’t even know how to make it look good with make-up so I just let it be as it is) but yeah, I loved the workshop.

Mommy Fleur’s 6 year old daughter Anika and Kuya Alvin (The hubby of Mommy Fleur) sang in an intermission number. They were so cute!

Around 6pm, the program ended and some are leaving after the photo ops. I have an art exhibit to attend to at 7pm and I have to be home by 8pm cause I have to fix our things for Pangasinan. I left the Mommy Fleur Day event at around 6pm, I brought home candies with me because Mommy Fleur insisted on giving us a lot of candies! It was all local candies with different names AND I SERIOUSLY LOVED IT. It was like nostalgia, I remembered my kiddie days when I used to eat those candies lol.

Over-all, it was a very fun and interesting day for me. I will edit this post with photos from the event, I just have to get my sht together.

Even though I am an introvert, a total introvert at that, I was glad I went to the event. I was glad to finally meet Mommy Fleur and her family plus other blog readers!

If you want to check out Mommy Fleur’s Blog here’s the link:

You have to check her blog! (I hope there are Filipino readers cause she mostly writes in Taglog and English)

To Mommy Fleur,

Thank you so much for inviting me! I had a good time and I am very glad to have met you, kuya Alvin, Anika, Wowa, Lolo Papa and everyone else! I hope we can do it again or if you’re not busy, we can have a lunch date of some sort. Ahhh I am so happy talaga! Thank you!!!

It was a fun filled day, I hope you guys get to experience something like this every once in a while 😀


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