“Art Won’t Change Anything But We’ll Show Them Anyway”

After attending the Mommy Fleur Day 2017, I was supposed to go home already but since my friends’ art exhibition is just being held nearby, I went and visited. It was only around 7pm so there weren’t a lot of people yet, most of our friends are not there yet and only 2 of my friends who are the exhibitors were present while 4 others are still on their way. I couldn’t stay longer so I just took photos and got my photo taken by Loloy (one of the exhibitors).

Art has a special place in my heart. It liberates me, makes me feel great about existing and creates a lot of wonders in just a single second. I can stare at a piece of art all day and still feel magical! Unfortunately, the only medium I am doing okay with is watercolour (if we’re talking about art art) there are a lot of mediums out there like embroidery, oil painting, acrylic painting, pop art, minimal painting, digital painting and a lot more! I am only comfortable with watercolour but I am okay with it, at least I can write lol.

So anyway, our friends (kyx and mine) were exhibitors presenting their own original work of art, I only have a couple of photos but everything was amazing. The title of the show is “Art Won’t Change The World But We’ll Show Them Anyway” I have yet to read the full write up and I’ll again, edit this post with photos of the art pieces.

If anyone here reads this and is in Manila, I hope you guys can visit the Ysobel Art Gallery at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City.


2 thoughts on ““Art Won’t Change Anything But We’ll Show Them Anyway”

    • Thank you Lu! Yeah, I hope you could hangout with our artist friends in the future. I think you’ll have fun just looking at their art and drinking a few bottles of beer without forced conversations hihi ❤


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