“You Should Put More Lipstick”

How was your 2017 going so far? I want to write a chronological post from my pre-holidays to holidays to post-holidays but I guess I shall let my OCD pass for a wee bit cause I want to write about this so bad.

This for me, is a very personal blog entry that I shouldn’t even have written anything about it cause I’m afraid people might think of it as unethical but then I realized that I can write anything I want (in my blog) as long as it is based on my own pride and principles given that I don’t trample on anyone. So let’s begin!

The first working day of 2017 meant my “year-end” evaluation + 1st work year evaluation. It went really nice and I saw my evaluation as a great opportunity for learning and growth! However there was this one comment, something I was asked to do that I didn’t really understand (and I don’t stand by this idea either) but I had to follow and deal with. I was asked to wear more lipstick everyday at work. This could mean a lot of different things for some of you but since I know my superior better than anyone of you guys, I chose to not find it offensive. I just felt it was a little off. (though I shall try to not be carried away)

Let’s go through as to why I don’t wear a lot of make-up (or nothing at all) everyday.

  1. I have allergies on a lot of different cosmetic products and I can’t afford to keep doing a “trial and error” if a product fits me or not. So I just choose to wear it occasionally or “inconsistently” as what I was told or nothing at all. LOL.
  2. My boyfriend is not a fan of make-up AT ALL. I mean he lets me wear make-up if I want to or if it fits the situation but he worries that I would get sick again (as I said, I get BAD allergies. Seriously guys. BAD ones)
  3. I am not comfortable with it. Because sometimes I commute going to work and I perspire a lot (I think due to my thyroid problem ? ) so I would basically look uglier with make-up drenched by sweat than nothing at all on my face.
  4. I am not lazy and I don’t hate make-up, perhaps I love lipstick more than anything else but this is why I chose a job that does not require talking and presenting and welcoming guests because I am not fit to do any of that (looking) physically and emotionally. LOL.
  5. I believe that anyone can wear make-up as they please and anyone can opt to not wear make-up at all when they want to simply because that’s our right and we shall not be forced to do something we don’t believe in.

So now, I wear lipstick everyday. I don’t feel any less confident about myself or even more confident than I originally am. Because basically, my lipstick and any other cosmetic product do not equate to how I work and my capabilities. Also, have I not been compensating on making sure my hair looks nice and my clothes appropriate for my work environment? Oh well. I still feel kind of put off cause why does everything need to be “physical” these days? I make sure naman that I don’t look like I went straight to the office from my bed diba. I mean I know we should all look presentable and I make it a point I look the part (presentable lol) but. Gahhhh this is getting out of hand and a little while ago I was feeling sort of normal, now I feel like I wanna get mad because WHY SHOULD I EVEN PUT MAKE-UP IF I DON’T WANT TO??? Okay. Let me simmer down. Ha ha ha!


4 thoughts on ““You Should Put More Lipstick”

  1. Wow, that request for you to wear makeup was a little shocking for me, too! I don’t know what your job is, so I don’t know how important your appearance is to doing a good job… but it sounds like you’re doing the best you can without putting your health at risk. (And you being healthy is the most important thing!) I hope your supervisor understands your reasons for not wearing much makeup–your reasons are valid!

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    • Hi! My job is a writer, I mostly write articles about the companies products and have them publish on the newspaper, magazine and digital media. So I don’t really get it why I need to wear makeup HAHAAH 🙂


  2. The worst piece of advice I took account of and applied in my life: Don’t care about what others tell you. Always be yourself no matter what. You see, it’s exactly the opposite of what’s to be done in this material world.

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