That’s What You Do When Waves Crash On You, You Laugh.

I’ve always been a mama’s girl and I have never been ashamed of that. I wanted to start this entry by saying “if there’s one thing I love about mom’s teachings..” but one is not enough and I can’t even choose my favourite so randomly, let me share with you one of the many things my mom taught me that I will forever be grateful for and remember as long as I live.

“Cause that’s what you do when waves crash on you, you laugh. Remember, waves can be strong and it will hurt you, sometimes it has of very little impact but sometimes it may bruise you however, even if you’re lying helplessly on your back waiting for the waves to crash on you, just laugh and be brave. No matter how strong these waves are, they can never wither your soul and weaken your heart.”

Just like in life, there are problems. There will be things and people that will purposely do harm, hurt you in different ways. Sometimes these hurts can be forgotten but sometimes this will even impact you in a life changing way. Nonetheless, these are just waves and these can be powerful in hurting you but your soul will never wither, your strong heart will take over and you will still have power over yourself and everything. In all my battles, I have chosen and decided now that I shall just laugh at it. Most of the time it will tend to crush my little heart but it will never ever make it to touching my soul. My feelings and emotions are as important as anything but these are my own and I have control on everything I have within myself, which will not let my soul wither away. It will only make me stronger. And that’s what you need to do, make everything be felt by you but have control over your emotions. Do not let it get to you very deep that your soul burns. Make it essential but decide that you, of all people, will know better what’s good for you.

Waves may crash on you endlessly, sometimes you’re prepared but sometimes it will come as powerful as a thunder, mighty as a sea king but your heart and soul will be stronger. Keep it stronger and be brave.


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