You might be thinking I’m crushed and my spirit is in a really bad condition but I guess I don’t have the right to feel very lonely and sad despite the past events. With my aunt committing suicide, I am slowly accepting it and lamenting but prayers are giving me so much strength in facing this difficult time. Also, my father is very ill but he’s trying to be strong so I am with him all the way through prayers as well. I am trying to be very positive, I really am and I feel like I am doing a good job at it. So far I didn’t have any breakdowns and I didn’t have to ugly cry in front of people—that’s a good thing isn’t it?

Last Thursday, I went to Fullybooked (it is a book shop in the Philippines and there’s one near my office and it’s a huge one) I went there and bought a total of 5 books. It’s my “retail therapy” and I love it!

I started reading The Girl On The Train and so far it got me hooked that I am having a hard time trying to finish it. Part of me want to slow down a bit but part of me want to move faster to get me to the revelation already! Also, I feel like I really wanna find out what’s up but kinda don’t because by then the thrill is going to be over? Stuff like that! But whatever, I’ll be finishing the book today, I have like a few pages left. I wanted to finish it last night but I can’t, my eyes are too tired and I’m falling asleep between pages. Lol.

Do you know the “Wreck This Journal” journal? I’ll put a photo of it soon but it’s sort of a journal with instructions. The instructions are super ridiculous that it’s fun to do it! I am trying my best to be as creative as I should, BUT I THINK I AM FAILING DESPERATELY. So I checked a few pins on pinterest and got a bit of inspiration there. I can’t wait to do some for my journal and I’ll keep you guys posted!

Now, I’m thinking of sharing a bit of my mind about the books I’ve read. So from now on, I’ll be writing my own book reviews! There will be a segment here on my blog that would be for book reviews. I’m excited about these new things for my blog and I hope to share inputs and ideas with you all.

Today is Saturday and I will probably hangout with a few of Kyxarie’s friends (my friends also hehe) and have Ramen and a few drinks afterwards.

“Let today be filled with hope and love”


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