To The Ones Who Can’t and Don’t Understand Me

hibernateWow, this is the first time (I think) that I will be writing this, addressing my friends and a lot of other people very dear and close to my heart.

Sometimes (or most of the time) (some) of my high school friends would think I’m annoying, maybe because I can be really talkative and needy at times. This is because—I guess, I have saved all my energy just to spend it on them and not on other people but I figured maybe I was not able to control it that’s why they found me annoying when I blabber. I figured it was not something I should feel bad about but hear me out, the talkative me was the one who saved all my energy for you. LOL.

Okay now let’s try this without being wayyyy toooo personal.

I have known since I was in college that I am an introvert trying to be an extrovert. I never succeeded though because my innate needs and desires are of an introvert and I can’t really change that. Contrary to popular belief, introverts are confident, decisive and friendly. Not the friendly type to deal with small talk but friendly enough to understand people (I guess). When people hear the word introvert, they automatically think that you’re anti-social, shy, quiet, timid etc. That’s not even half true! Introverts are confident enough that they don’t need to freaking socialize everytime just to feel happy and satisfied. Let me list down the things I do that maybe some introverts can relate to:

  1. I LOVE BOOKS. Not in the “I love books cause it makes me look cute” type but because I seriously love books. I love reading and I love getting lost in a different world without anyone trying to bug me.
  2. My tea time, though spent alone is very relaxing, comforting and satisfying. Tea time could be fun with friends, I like doing it with them sometimes but most of the time, quiet tea time is my go-to activity when I feel exhausted.
  3. I love people and figuring them out is like a case I love doing but I prefer staying with the not-so-loud ones. My friends are extroverted and it’s all good. I just don’t like noisy people like you can be noisy but not like all the freaking time.
  4. I prefer writing. In all aspects. I blog to put my word out there, I write for a living (I’m a copywriter), I am most comfortable talking via email, chat etc. cause it’s less exhausting but I really like talking with my friends and a few people with meaningful insights and stuff to share. I communicate very well through writing cause my words seems to be more comforting than when I speak them.
  5. I can do things alone, on my own and I am comfortable with it. If there’s no one to accompany me on doing something, I am fine doing stuff alone and find myself liking it! So when you see me alone, don’t pity me cause I probably chose to be alone anyway.
  6. I put so much effort on people I love and care about. I go above and beyond and I will not allow myself to fail in telling them how much they mean to me but when someone important to me did me wrong for hundreds of times and I can’t tolerate it anymore, I can shut my door without even feeling bad or bothered about it.
  7. When I feel off or when someone hurt my feelings in a deeper level, I choose to just shun away without a word. Idk if it’s something I should be worried about but this is a trait I have developed ever since I started realizing my worth. I mean, as long as I can, I will try to avoid any confrontations. I would rather just go away without a trace than to confront someone who did me wrong.

So far, these are the ones on my mind and I shall write more about it when I finished gathering my thoughts 😀

If you are an INFJ, an Introvert do hit me up and tell me what’s on your mind. I love meeting new people especially those who are kind of like me and gets me.


(Featured image is not mine. Got it via Google)


2 thoughts on “To The Ones Who Can’t and Don’t Understand Me

  1. aw thea! i’m infj as well. there’s a book called Quiet, written by Susan Cain, that delves into our understanding of introversion. it’s really interesting, i think you’d like it:)

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