“They have always favoured the men of action instead of the men of contemplation”

“They have always favoured the men of action instead of the men of contemplation” I found this so true. More often than not people feel like it is more effective to have someone who will put action towards it and make things happen rather than listen to someone who will contemplate first with the pros and cons. I don’t feel angry about it (not anymore) but I feel like the world needs to know that introverts—men with contemplation are important and should be heard equally as the men of action are being heard.

I was listening to Susain Cain’s talk about this (over YouTube)—a link my friend sent me She’s also a fellow introvert but with a different personality type I think.

It was really something helpful especially for me—who is constantly looking for people who can get me, understand me and know what I feel when I feel something. I am thinking now “why didn’t I ever consider a personality type to actually know myself better?” I feel like I would’ve understood myself better even before had I taken this personality exam seriously with the belief I am acting the way I am because of my personality type. Anyway, right now I am so obsessed with the personality types that I kept reading about my own personality type and my friends’!! I feel like I will understood them better if I know their personality type. I asked them to take it and to tell me what they got so I could read about it.

If you want to know your personality type and want to read about it, you can take this personality test: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

You can also read a lot of other personality types there or like ask your family and friends to answer it so you can understand them better why they are the way they are. 🙂

I feel like my puzzle was sorted when I found out details about myself and got answers to the questions I have been asking myself for a while now. When my friends answered it and told me their results, I read about them and understood why they act like that. It feels so liberating! I finally found out why my friends are like this and that and I love them even more than I ever did! It was such a relief you know? I also get super excited knowing that there are other INFJs too (like I really know there are other INFJs but still) that approached me (over the internet) and even though it was just a bit of a conversation, I still feel so happy knowing that on the other side of the world, someone gets me the way others wouldn’t. Someone feels exactly what I would on certain occasions and it feels like someone loves the book I love and knowing that person and you know those are the kind of people you want to interact it without feeling like you’re pushing yourself to interact with anyone! My mind is all jumbled now and I feel like my thoughts are not really organized while writing this but I just really am glad!!

“I am an introvert, I am proud of it and I love it!”


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