INFJ (and loving it)

Recently, I found out that I have a personality type called INFJ. According to research and what was written everywhere about the INFJs is that—INFJs are the rarest personality types. I read a lot about it and followed INFJ blogs to learn more about myself and every time I read something that rings true to me, I feel like I love myself even more than I ever did! It’s a great feeling to finally understand yourself ya know? It’s like everything seems to be falling into place slowly but surely.

Now, a little randomness is something I wouldn’t get over with so I want to tell you guys that I had a haircut HAHAHA. My hair is not shoulder length and it had been way too long since I had a shorter hair, I usually have long hair and now this change is cool and I’m liking it so far!

Okay, so going back. I thought I was just battling with OCD + Anxiety but then, I am an INFJ so I figured maybe I am not at all a severely anxious person when it comes to socializing but I am just me—an INFJ!

This explains why:

  1. After socializing with my lifelong friends, I need a month or so to recharge! I need to be alone for a while; I need to withdraw because I don’t have a lot of energy anymore to deal with socializing.
  2. I love alone time. I love just being quiet with my own thoughts (my thoughts are never quiet but still) I find solace in my lonesome. I prefer to (most of the time) talk over the internet, talk through email, text, chat but not ON THE PHONE.
  3. I like planning things out because I get really anxious when plans change last minute. I feel like I need time to settle and come through with the new plan, sit down, relax before grasping that it is okay, it’s going to be okay.
  4. I take time to gather my thoughts not because my brain processes info slowly but because I tend to make sure I don’t say anything offending.
  5. I am very SENSITIVE. I don’t talk much but I get so sensitive, I feel bad that’s why I need to withdraw to society just so I could protect my feelings, my emotions.
  6. Though I am close to several talkative people, it sorts of exhausts me to be surrounded by A LOT OF TALKATIVE PEOPLE. I can be talkative sometimes but those are rare moments of my life.
  7. Reading, painting and writing are the best activities to keep me really happy and fulfilled.
  8. It’s not like I’m a total anti-social. I just really get tired dealing with everyone all at the same time.
  9. I like conversations, I can keep it going on and on but for selected people only. I am not good with small talk, I’m terrified of it to be honest.
  10. I am really friendly but it takes so much time. I don’t start with a conversation when I’m interested but I sort of test the waters first.

Right now, I am reading a lot about experiences of fellow INFJs and their blogs. This is so cool. I finally know where I actually belong!


6 thoughts on “INFJ (and loving it)

    • Omg! Yes definitely! I felt like I understood myself better. After all these years of thinking something is wrong with me?!? I totally get myself now. I’m glad you’re an INFJ too because now I know someone gets me! 🙂

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