I want to write something with depth or something with a sort of explanation as to why I am not writing a lot recently. But right now.. I have nothing to share. Maybe in a few hours or days? But I’ll be here.

Anyway, let’s talk about fun stuff and my BOOK HAUL. Omfg. You would not believe this book haul!!

I am so excited to tell you guys about this.

So I think 2 weeks before, I was randomly looking at my news feed on Facebook when I saw a post about a book fair. It has this promo called “box all you can” as in you can box as much books as long as it fits in this rectangular box the Scholastic warehouse is going to provide.

Wednesday, 30th of November, I don’t have work so I told Kyx we shall go to the book fair. It’s a 20 minute drive away from home so it’s nothing far and Kyx wanted to go as well! When we got there, I was so damn frustrated because there were long lines and I checked the books but there isn’t any nice books left so I got sad. Kyx said we’ll go back on a weekend. Since I work on Saturdays, we planned going back on a Sunday.

Come Sunday, 4th of December, we woke up early, around 7 in the morning, had breakfast and left at around 730. Since it is a Sunday, no one really wake up early so the traffic was not bad at all, in fact we were cruising so smoothly and stopping only on stop lights. Lol. So We got there almost 8am, only a few people and books are still arranged properly. Here’s the awesome part.

799php (16 US Dollars) is the “Book Buffet”. There are books included in the book buffet wherein you can put as many books as you like in the box given you stack it properly without folding, bending or destroying. There were a lot of books and mostly classic novels! I DOVE RIGHT IN AND GOT ALL THE CLASSIC NOVELS AVAILABLE! Also got several Harry Potter books and the Hunger Games trilogy (in Hardbound) I only spent like 2,413 php (48 US Dollars) and scored a total of 37 books!!!

I was told that they were not able to replenish the book stocks since it was a Sunday. But still, I got a lot of books!!!!!!!! Here are some photos of my book haul. I am going back this Thursday and hopefully, I’ll get to buy more of the ones I wasn’t able to get last time! Sooo excited!

When we got home that day, I cleaned and fixed my book shelf! I was so pumped up and was able to fix everything. I was so darn happy!!!


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