I don’t have a lot, But I have…

How to have a strong heart amidst all the jealousy and insecurity? How to feel good even if things are chaotic, how to still feel blessed even if you feel alone, down and empty? How to be happy for someone you are jealous of?

Start with yourself. Focus on your blessings. Focus on your capabilities, abilities, what you have—people wise; family and friends.

There were times when I would ask myself why am I trapped in my kind of life, this life that I have—why am I here? Why am I experiencing this and the others are not, why am I in this point in life wherein everything I do doesn’t seem to be enough? And it hit me.

It hit me again and again and again until I realize what I keep realizing every now and then. Whenever I question myself, I would realize it and I would feel better. I hope to feel better once and for all and be over and done with soon. I hope. I pray.

I may not have all the riches in the world, all the money that I need…

  1. But I have a job that pays me every month which I can use to support me and my family.
  2. But I have a fulfilling job that at the end of the day, I feel important, wanted and needed. I grow in my work and it doesn’t feel too stressing than other jobs because for once, I have a job that I actually like what I’m doing.
  3. But I have parents who are alive, looks after me, takes care of me, who’s there for me, who I can rely on in times of need, who will always be proud of me no matter what. Who I can give back to when the time comes that I become a successful individual right before their eyes and they will look at me and tell me they’re proud of me.
  4. But I have a partner who is there for me no matter how many meltdowns I have, how many tantrums I throw, how many arguments and fight I ignite. Someone who understands me and helps me get through everything. Someone who’s there whenever I need a friend. Someone who will never judge me despite everything. Someone who loves me unconditionally.
  5. But I have friends, real friends, true friends that will always support me, be there for me no matter what the odds may bring. Someone who still shares the same random memories I find amusing. Who accepts me for who I am, for what I have become.
  6. But I have my family who keeps me going, strengthening me day in and day out. Brothers and sisters who keep inspiring me to be a better person.
  7. But I have good in laws who treats me like their own. Considers my emotions, my feelings and my time. Takes care of me and accepts me for who I am.
  8. But I have cousins who are my first best friends. The ones who know me inside out and won’t judge me all evil and demons out.
  9. But I have my best friends who will laugh and cry with me while adulating eats us up, who will share with me good old and refreshing new memories.
  10. But I have a God who never fails to bless me, to provide for me and make me realize that our time on earth is very limited so we always need to make the most out of every day.

Everything I have written, 1-10 keeps me going. Keeps me alive and keeps me feeling blessed beyond belief! No amount of money or riches can ever replace the people in my life. Not even hundreds of thousands or millions of pesos, bricks and bars of gold, bags filled with gems and diamonds will ever replace them and so I am grateful they exist. I am grateful I have them.


2 thoughts on “I don’t have a lot, But I have…

  1. Oh, my. I am honestly speechless. I know that I just mentioned that what you said has been in touch with myself lately, but this is spot on. I love that you wrote a visual reminder acknowledging that you are blessed and have happiness in your life. It is very wise, I think to take time and notice these things. I really hope that you know that you are inspirational. You truly are, Thea! I am going to take away many wise and helpful words of yours.

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    • Wow. I’m blown away by what you said. I am so happy and glad that you appreciate me and you’re my friend. Sometimes it’s hard to like really be grateful because we tend to look so far away and chase after the things we don’t have that we forget how blessed we are already. 🙂

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