Being Kind is More Fulfilling Than Being Mean

Giving people the taste of their own medicine doesn’t seem to feel satisfying or fulfilling compared to when you return a bad mood or lashing out with kindness.

A lot of people have said that you must give people what they deserve. You must be mean when they are, rude when they are, bad when they are but that doesn’t lead to something good. It only results to a burdened angry soul which in the first place, the culprit would be yourself. No other than yourself because you put yourself in that situation. You also wouldn’t be getting something from being equally mean to someone who was mean to you, you’re only breeding a sad soul inside you which is not very healthy.

I already have been to that kind of stress. I have given people the taste of their own medicine and I thought it would make me feel okay after being bitched out on. I thought I would feel better when someone lashed out on me and I returned the same lashing out. It didn’t make me feel good about myself. Instead, it made me feel terrible! I felt like a horrible person but I still ended up doing it and not caring at all. I tried it because I was avoiding getting hurt but all it ever did to me was get angrier and lonely and selfish.

When I tried to be kind even when people are not, it was hard. I always felt the need to equally be mean to them as they were to me but I tried to control myself. The thing in my mind was I wouldn’t get anything from being mean, I wouldn’t be happier, there’s nothing better in it for me and I might as well do myself a favour and be kind when they aren’t. It was a struggle at the beginning but when I kept doing that, I sort of got used to it! I didn’t even notice that I’m putting effort; it’s coming all naturally compared to how I was before.

Being kind, patient, good natured, free spirited does not only make you happy. It also make people less mean! I can’t say that this method will work on everyone, most of the time when someone is mean to you and you gave kindness back even after a bitching out from the other person happened, they will not realize it at first that what you did was really good. They will think you’re annoying and weak, but let them think whatever the heck they want to think because at the end of the day, your conscience is clean and you showed someone that giving kindness is not so hard and so they will be kinder to anyone they encounter just because they experienced a certain kindness no one has ever given them (especially when they bitch out). So you see, you’re not putting your pride and principles at a low level. You’re being a better person for yourself free from guilt, stress and burdens.

The next time you encounter someone and they were mean to you, do not be mean to them. Be patient, maybe that person is going through something. Try to be more understanding and give that person kindness because that’s probably what they need rather than someone who would lash out on them.


2 thoughts on “Being Kind is More Fulfilling Than Being Mean

  1. This post is really lovely. Especially the last paragraph…it is in touch with many of my thoughts and feelings lately. ☺ I am enjoying catching up on your posts, Thea☺

    Liked by 1 person

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