Understanding Other People’s Lifestyle (financial edition)

When it comes to lifestyle, you automatically think everyone else close to you has the same lifestyle. It’s like you look at it by default and you don’t try to understand where that person is coming from.

It could be quite challenging but as you grow older, you would realize how vast and majorly different other people live compared to you.

I couldn’t give you a sneak peak on other people’s lifestyle but I’ll talk about mine just so you would know if you have the same or if yours differ.

On money, here’s how it is for me.

  1. Every centavo, every peso I spend, I count.
  2. I don’t buy new clothes whenever I see that it would look good on me or if it’s pretty or I just am on retail therapy. No.
  3. I don’t buy shoes. I only buy shoes when my one and only shoe is worn out or unless I really need a pair.
  4. I don’t spend a lot of money on food, I think coffee that ranges from 100 peso and above IS WAY BEYOND EXPENSIVE.
  5. I can’t always go out when my friends want to “hangout”, eat dinner or have wine.

This is because I work hard for the money I earn. I think everyone does too but the only difference is that I don’t work and earn just for myself. I don’t earn a lot from writing but I earn enough to make my life as comfortable as I can. I earn enough to pay my bills and give a portion of my earning to my mom. For people who work and are 20 somethings, some of them just work and earn for themselves, for their leisure but one must understand that not everyone is like that. I support my sister and my mom as best as I could, I know I don’t give much but I give everything that I could even if it means I don’t get to have new clothes and shoes. Some people may look at me and talk behind my back that I wear the same clothes over and over again, that I only have 2 weeks worth of office clothes and I do not mix and match a lot, it’s because my money is not for clothes and shoes and other glamorous stuff. I’d rather save it for my sister’s allowance. Some people may look at my shoes and think that my flats are all worn out, yes it is and there’s no denying but I’d rather have one pair of shoes than have hundreds while my sister and mom eat so little? Right?

You see we have different priorities in life and I am glad you guys don’t experience “struggle” like others do, but I can sleep very well at night knowing how much I have helped other people, how I didn’t think about myself for once because you may have everything you need and want, but some things are just fulfilling even if it means you don’t get to buy new things for yourself.
I don’t spend a lot on myself because I would rather be able to give some financial help to my family than “living life to the fullest” by spending way too much.

I’m not against people who spend so much on themselves, I guess what I’m pointing out is try to understand other people’s way of living before complaining how stingy and cheapskate they are 😉


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