Spiritual Detox

Not that I’m running out of something to write about but I really want to share my recent experiences when it comes to this journey I was trying to pave way for.

I sometimes call this “journey to a happy heart” but it’s simply fitting to call it detox.

Boy oh boy this is really one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life and I really am genuinely happy about what I’m doing with myself and my time.

Ever since I called it quits with hatred, I found a new light and for the people who know me since forever, this change may sound either “sooo me” or so hypocritical. Whichever people want to think, then let it be. As long as I’m frigging happy, then that’s all that I could care about.

Having a happy heart is not easy but it’s not at all overly complicated as it is. I have written so many things about this and I keep understanding as to why this is so much better than before!

I guess I used to have a hateful heart. You see, when you’ve had a lot to deal with and experienced so many ugly and cruel things, you get to go down a bad place and get stuck there for a while until you realize you are only burying yourself further rather than climbing up and looking for a light at the other end.

Life wasn’t easy for me but I was brought up by my wonderful mom with loving brothers and sisters. I didn’t have a crazy ugly life but along the way, there were rough edges and I used to wish I didn’t experience what I did but now, I’m glad I went through shit cause I learned how fruitful life can be!

The moment I started my journey in achieving a happy heart, I started to like everything and everyone. I always saw the good part of things. I began to see the bright side without having to really look for it! I began to look at everything differently, I saw everything in a different light and I felt good about it.

I’m not saying that I was a negative person back then, in fact I was really a happy type of person. However, I always saw faults and I found myself looking for ways to call out these faults and I’d keep stressing about it while borderline obsessing!

I am going to be brutally honest here; I found it satisfying if I could call out the faults and mistakes of someone. It got to me so good that my personality started to change for the worst. Then all of a sudden, I got so fed up with being lonely and hateful. I began to branch out my happiness and started to understand why some people are the way they are!

Another thing I noticed is that I don’t get TOO annoyed anymore. If my actions and feelings were not reciprocated, I would just be okay with it and I wouldn’t dwell on it as much as I always did! I don’t even think about it anymore and I didn’t know it would feel this good.

I began to have more time for my happiness and passion, I have a lot of energy for good things and this is something I am proud of! I loved how I am like this now and I didn’t rant so much as in seriously rant and curse and all that.

I still have a lot of people who I think do not like me. There are some who smiles on my face but stabs me in the back but you know what? I don’t care anymore! Let them hate and let them bury their souls in hatred. I still am a genuine and sincere as I can, I show my true colors and if they still hate me for that then it’s their loss! I prefer to live a happy life and let the haters hate cause we can’t do anything about it. Let them do their thing and I shall do mine.

Doing a mental, spiritual and emotional detox is clearly very helpful. Try it little by little until you can do the full blow. Cause when you master it, there’s nothing that can beat you to the ground other than yourself. Seriously. Do it now while you still can 😉


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Detox

  1. Wow this post is great! It has definitely made me more aware of myself. I need to detox the hatred also. I have small things with people that as soon as I see them or hear them I get very angry and that is not good. It’s great to see you on WordPress! I hope life is well:)

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