When You’re Happy, Everything Seems To Be Brighter!

In everything that I do now, I do it with a little smile. In everything that gets thrown my way whether it’s good or bad, I smile and laugh. I laugh and smile now most of the time compared to before because finally, I found a better way to handle things. Truly, it’s a matter of perspective and with all that’s happening to me and my life, I have nothing but hope for the better. Always the better.
There were times that I got mad over silly things. I get angry a lot too and brood over things I question. I actually, honestly question a lot of things everyday and I became a hater. A terrible hater and a hypocrite of trying to spread good vibes but end up ranting so much! I rant when I write, I rant when I tell stories, I roll my eyes too often either mentally or physically! It became so bad that I have to re-evaluate my life, my existence and everything about me!
I tried to learn more about myself, I tried to discover myself and understand why I am the way I am. Instead of feeling bad, I have embraced my flaws fully! The journey isn’t over and I cannot say that I am a full pledged all-the-time-happy-person but I am better. Far better than I was. I am in a better state now, far better than where I was before and it’s so calming.
I talked about this technique at an earlier post and as far as I know, I have been doing really well with this perspective thingy majig!
It is true when they say “it’s all about perspective”. It’s even truer when they said “laughter is the best medicine”. We usually just shrug everything off not truly living by these “cliché” sayings, but the moment we are trapped in the realest of realities only we will realize the true meaning and how helpful it is to apply in our lives.
I always hear and read somewhere those sayings but I always thought they only created that to make people feel better. The wheels have turned and I am writing this, sounding like I’m preaching but I’m doing this because I want to help people so bad. I needed help and you guys were there, so in turn, I feel like I shall share this with you.
Happiness is the root of all good things (at least in my opinion). Because when you are happy, you forget about all the ill feelings. You look at life in a nicer way than you ever did! You don’t get jealous, you feel comfortable in your own skin, you feel worthy of good things, you treat people nicely all the time, you find good things behind the bad ones, you are contented with what you have, you look at everything as blessings even the bad ones, you look at criticisms and challenges as opportunity for learning and growth, you like yourself more, you like other people, you sleep well at night, you don’t hate, you don’t get mad at silly things, you choose your battle very well, you start to love truly, you shine brighter and in a nutshell, you’re simply a better person than you once were! See? When you’re happy, you get to be a really good person, a pleasant one that people will see you as an inspiration, someone very hard to hate or simply see who you really are right?
When you try to be happy, when you smile and laugh at things even if they were meant to make you feel bad, you’re just emanating the positive vibes and everything will seem nice and bright. The moment you become a happier person, that’s the time you stop feeling bad about everything and you understand a lot of other people and things. So for instance, if someone said something bad at you, instead of feeling bad about it, you try to understand why that certain person said that. And what was said may not really reflect who you are as a person but how they choose to see you, right?
In everything that I have said in this post, I guess what I didn’t want to miss is to say that we cannot control the way other people think, the way other people feel, the way other people see us. We can only control our own thinking, feeling and perspective. So the next time someone said something that might truly break you in pieces, accept it wholeheartedly. Smile. Laugh. Do not dwell. Do not take it against them. It’s how they see things and not how you do, it’s something we have no control over to the best thing we can do is stay okay, stay happy. Once you’re happy and smile and laugh a lot, then nothing can ever tear you apart!


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