Rest In Peace

Hola beautiful humans!

Let me write about a lot of stuff and hopefully, I finish this on time. Before I write about the good stuff, let’s talk about the other stuff that makes us all human—pain, hurt and loss.

Just last week, 2 close relatives died. 1 was my uncle—a cousin of my mom whom she was really close with and the 2nd one, the grandfather of my brothers (so it’s up to you how you patch the story as to why he is the grandfather of my brothers but not mine)

I wasn’t very close to these 2 people but my loved ones are and it breaks my heart all the same because I see them hurt, I see them how troubled they were when they lost the people very dearly to them. After the 2 deaths in our family, I got so obsessed with deaths and saying goodbye. It’s hard not to think about when your time on earth is up, whether you will be able to say goodbye or you’ll be gone in just a snap. I guess, we’ll never know.

We’ll never truly know if there is such a thing as afterlife, or if we all get reincarnated until we find our lives’ purpose. It’s so hard because we all get so attached to who we are but come to think of it, we won’t get to bring anything when we die. Who knows if we’ll have memories, who knows what will happen in the afterlife.

It’s so scary just thinking about these stuff but I guess we can only do so much. (and this may be different from what you believe in so this is just my own thinking okay?)

  1. Pray – in times like this, prayer is our strength. Our only power in helpless moments. I am a catholic and I pray ever so hard that God gives me more time on earth because I want to give more of me to the people I love. I want to be given a dozen or hundreds of chances to love them more and to make up for my mistakes and bad decisions.
  2. Smile – we wouldn’t know when will be the last time that we will be able to smile so as much as we can, we shall give our smiles because that’s considered a gesture of kindness. When people see kind gestures, they get inspired to do a simple one as well so start with smiles and spread positive vibes!
  3. Love – Loving the people around us especially the ones who love us as well. It is fulfilling to know that you lived and loved when you can, even if it hurt, even if it was painful.

I don’t know how else to finish this entry (because I’ve got a ton of stuff to do at work) so I guess even if my thoughts are jumbled and my emotions are beyond crazy, I hope ya’ll understand my point.

Rest in Peace Tito Larry and Lolo Charlie. ❤


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