Good People Everywhere! 💖

Let the writing spree begin!
Let me give you a short (I can’t promise how short is my “short) background before we even go to the real thing here.
Since Kyx resigned from his job, he has been driving me to work and picking me up from work. I noticed that this is taking a huge chunk of gas money compared to how we were (Kyx used to work in the same building as I do, so we go to work together and we share the parking and gas expenses), now that he no longer works in the same company, I can feel the gravity of gas money alone. Which is quite heavy.
So I told Kyx that whenever I can, I will just take the public transportation to work. It’s not very hard but it’s always so traffic so idk what to feel about it most of the time.
Every morning, I would go for a 5 minute walk from home to the village clubhouse where tricycles pass. I need to ride a tricycle from the village to the city proper. So from the city proper, I would ride a jeepney to the place where the vans are parked. Then from there, I would ride a van to the office! It doesn’t sound so hard but sometimes, it is. It takes a lot of time and perspiration.
Today, as I was walking, a car stopped. Then, the man told me he can give me a ride if it’s on the way. He’s sort of an old man, he looked as though that he pity me cause I was walking under the scorching heat! I declined the ride though because it’s out of the way. I thanked him for his kindness and I was over the moon!
I have learned a lot of things today.
1. There are really kind strangers. They try to help as much as they could without asking anything in return. There are still people who are ready to help when they can and it’s amazing to know that God find ways on how your faith in humanity would be restored.
2. A lot of people told me that this guy may have been a murderer or a rapist. My response to them is that, we don’t know whether his intentions were good or not. All I know is that I was not harmed. I really like to think he did it for a good reason and that he’s trying to be nice knowing that our time on earth is very little.
Give people chances and always give everyone a benefit of the doubt. It’s nice to know that your soul is filled with joy because you entertain good and positive thoughts rather than focusing on the negative ones.
As much as we can, let’s try to help whenever there’s a chance to do so. We’ll never know how much our little help would mean to a person in need. ❤


4 thoughts on “Good People Everywhere! 💖

  1. Pictures, please!! What is a jeepney? Do you pedal the tricycle yourself – or is there a driver? Are the vans like public transport buses?
    “It doesn’t sound so hard..” uh, yes it does!!
    When you started writing about the man offering you a ride I was screaming in my head “NO!!” not considering that whether or not you had accepted the offer you were safe now and blogging about it. I could only envision a creep trying to steal you.
    Even if he meant no ill will, maybe he was just being kind, I’m just glad you’re safe!
    About the gas – I understand. My husband and I used to work in the same industrial park about 35 miles from home. My job was moved in the other direction 45 miles so we also doubled gas costs and lessened our time together. That was six years ago! Seems like a faraway dream that we drove together…

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    • omg!! I totally owe you photos of Jeepneys and tricycles here in Manila! I must post stuff about it more.

      My brothers totally said the same thing about the man being a creep hahahahaha.

      I didn’t know being an adult meant so much sacrificing that even the gas expenses need to be taken in consideration as I grew older hahaha.

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