Before anything else, congratulations to everyone who took the Psychometrician Licensure Board Exams in the Philippines last August 29 and August 30 of this year. All your hard work are appreciated and everyone deserves a pat on the back for the sacrifices you’ve done, the sleepless nights and all that.

Great job for the passers! Finally, you guys have worked hard for this!

Now, let’s talk about the one who did not meet the cut, who did not pass in short.

First and foremost, you feel like a failure. You feel like you let yourself and everyone else who were rooting for you let down. BUT TRUST ME. It feels that way, but it’s okay. It’s all part of life. There are different failures, different circumstances, different beginnings and endings wherein we cry, laugh, work hard and do all the possible shit we have to do, sometimes no matter how hard you worked for something, you will not get the result you expect. It’s not because you didn’t do a good job. It’s just that some things are meant to happen.

Second, it’s probably a cliché and you’ve heard it way too many times before but LIFE DOES NOT END HERE. Nope. Life definitely does not end where you left off. Life must go on and the world will continue to rotate no matter how crushed your poor little heart is. That’s tough but that’s how it is.

Third, there’s still another chance you will get to sort yourself out. You must try and try and try and try until you succeed. Until you reach what you want, and trust me, this isn’t everything that life will throw at you, this isn’t everything that you will ever dream of. This is just a single (major) thing aside from the millions that your heart will desire all throughout life.

Oh gosh, I know it’s not easy. It will never be. But as you learn to accept failures and fate, it will become bearable. You must remember that there isn’t a shortcut for success, there will be roadblocks. There will always be people who are waiting for your failure, there will be betrayals, there will be people who no matter what you do—will keep bringing you down. You must not let it get to your head. You must not let your heart crack. You must keep your passion burning, eyes focused, mind peaceful and steady because this will be your battle gear as you go on with life.

This is why talks and forums of encouragement sound like bull but in reality IT TOTALLY HELPS! I am not saying this as a very successful person already. I am still figuring out life and all that crap on the side, but trust me. It will get better, it will go bad, everything will turn and tumble but that’s how we all roll! That’s life! I have not figured everything yet but I know that whatever life gives me, hard or not, it must be faced with a strong heart! Tough to fight, soft to accept.

Now, keep your head up high and continue living.

P.S. You’re lucky enough to face a tough situation like this because by the time life gets rougher, oh honey you know exactly how to deal with it.


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